Hello World!

Uncategorized November 2nd, 2006

Well, I’ve gone and done it. I’ve finally registered a website. I actually started blogging about 6 years ago when I created the site “Ramblings of a Madman”. It never made it off my computer and was lost in a subsequent hard drive crash. Oh what could have been….

This site is to be a collection of thoughts and opinions of a couple of people who consider themselves thinkers. My Grandad has some very interesting opinions, and I should not discount them because he has lived through a hell of a lot more than me! There will be other bloggers from my family and friends here too…..so long as they are worthy of publication – there is no use introducing more crap into the internet.

Happy birthday my beautiful girlfriend Ele!

2 Responses to “Hello World!”

  1. Ramona Says:

    Hello Gemmell!

    Well I checked out your site and I think its pretty cool. I laughed ouot loud at your paddling post – why not invest in a bike if it gets you to work in 1/6th of the time and paddle for fun on the weekends?

    Anywho, I was a bit lost in the technical computer talk on your postings. I agree that every field benefits from balanced opinions and that usually men and women bring different perspectives to an issue.

    Say hi to your Grandad for me! I prefer his posts to yours because they are more in line with the issues I think about.

    All the best, Ramona

  2. gemmell Says:


    I like to take a lighter approach than Grandad. I dare not tackle the religious & political travesties of the world. Instead I blog on the insignificant matters, and through these people can come and get to know me a little. It’s a thought hole.