Waste water, go to jail

Environment December 9th, 2006

It’s hot. Damn hot. 36 degrees, dry as buggery. We’re going into stage 3 water restrictions on the 16th Dec, which means our veggie patch will almost certainly perish. What really annoys me is that I see our neighbours watering their grass with a sprinkler system whenever they feel like it. I don’t know if they haven’t seen the ads on TV, or if they’re ignoring it and hoping nobody notices, or they’re down right stupid, but it irks me real bad. Do they think they’re above it all?

Goulbourn is in an even worse plight than us, level 5 water restrictions! That’s 150L per person per day, no outdoor use (what so ever), and certainly no use on vehicles, with fines of $220 to $2,200. My cousin was saying her friend (lovely guy apparently) washes his car in the garage so he doesn’t get caught. Maybe he just doesn’t understand the problem? It’s not about beating the system when you’re city is turning to desert.

This guy got me thinking, how long until it really is a criminal offence to waste water? How long until people are allotted 20L a day to use or trade as they please. Will there be millionaire “water moguls” who become powerful because they own water? Maybe I should invest in some really big tanks…

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