Paddles and Poetry

Ponderings January 16th, 2007

I’m off to work, there I row
It’s a little strange I know
But thats how I do it, thats how I go
Sure its tiresome and a little slow
Learning was hard, but now I know
Lucky for me the river doesn’t flow
And the water level isn’t too low.
So I get out there and make a show
Paddles and poetry, rhymes and … doh

Ahem, sorry about that guys. Got a little bit “inspired” – once again, my apologies. Yes, I paddle to work (and I’m quite aware that technically I’m not rowing). It’s really quite hard, it takes me an hour to paddle to work. It takes Josh 10 minutes to ride from the same start point. Admittedly I’m probably not the best paddler in the world, but I’m getting there. In the mean time, I’m finding muscles I never knew I had, and seeing an aspect of Canberra less travelled and quite pleasant.

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