The End of the Shower of Innovation

Environment, Ponderings February 28th, 2007

This drought is killing off innovation in Australia. A bold statement, and backed up with very little scientific evidence. But thats whats great about a blog, you don’t have to be right.

I was in the shower today and I started to drift off into a magical world of thought. I was thinking how the world could be better off if I just did…. Oops, don’t want to waste water, I better get out of the shower!

How often have you thought of the solution to a problem, had a great idea or an invented something that could potentially change the world? With reduced shower times due to our conscious effort to save water due to the drought, we’re killing off thousands of innovative solutions and ideas every morning and night. Sometimes the shower is the only place you can really relax and let your mind wander because your life is so busy.

Where will Australia innovate now?

Well there’s only one place left….. A place where you can not be disturbed. A place where you have the time to let your mind to wander. A place you can relax. A place where there is nothing to do but sit and think. A place to innovate. Where? The good ol’ dunny of course.

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