The real reason for the silence

Weather June 27th, 2007

I keep assuring you that I have actual content to post up here. And I swear I do…so my excuse for not doing so may seem a little…..well….lame.

See the truth is, it’s too cold to blog.

My computer sits upstairs in a large un-insulated room (a loft really) and I work during the day. When I get home, it is so damn cold in the room that I don’t want to spend any time in there. I’d rather snuggle up in bed with a Douglas Adams book. On weekends I am madly trying to get my aquaponics set up going so that I can start growing things, so I don’t get time to post then either.

As for the content: I have a really interesting/scary story to tell about just how much google can work out about you based on your website. But you’re going to have to wait.

One Response to “The real reason for the silence”

  1. grandad Says:

    glad if my advice is good, I try!
    I’m off the blog because I have been trying to reply to comments that I have received, the last one was from Green and when I thought that I’d replied I found that I’d just sent myself a blog. I have since tried to get onto various addresses that accompanied the blog and I get the answer that the server is not accepting or does not recognise the address.
    I can reply to your comment because I followed the link but there isn’t links on the other comments that I receive. Is there a secret I am not aware of?