Aquaponics Revisited

Aquaponics October 23rd, 2007

A couple of months ago I posted a progress report on my aquaponics…. well… actually I wrote it up and then FAILED to post it. So here it is. The data in this is a month or two old, but I did get several harvests from my aquaponics before it all fell to peices. Don’t worry, version 2 will be bigger and more robust. Anyway, on with the original post:

So you remember me talking about aquaponics? Well I’m not all talk you know. I have actually set something up and it’s been going for around 7 weeks. See my thread on backyardaquaponics (which is where I spend my time these days) and scroll down to the photos.

The jist of it is

Week 5

Week 7:

I’m starting to see some growth! I read an article that said that it takes a full year before a system is mature and working at full capacity, so should be some more good growth to come.

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