Aquaponics Adventure Mark II part V

Aquaponics June 4th, 2008

This is a continuation from part iv .

I lost my transvestite fish pictured below. She/he died, possibly because the bloody lip was actually a broken jaw or something and it couldn’t eat.

Remember how I said “…and I reckon the nutrient problems are an easy fix… “, well I used a foliar spray of seaweed and fish emulsion, but I reckon I made it a tad too strong, because it seems to have killed my lettuce:

One step forwards, two steps back.

I have adjusted my reflector to try and reflect a bit more down, it seems to work pretty well. In the shot below, notice my shadow is cast on the plants, but they are still getting light from the reflection.

Temperature of the main tank has consistently been below 10 degrees. Which really isn’t that bad, but it means the fish arn’t very active and don’t grow very quickly. So I used some bits of left over polypipe to dodgy up another solar heater. This time I used the large surface of the colourbond fence to do the soaking up of the sun. It works, but not as well as the roof one of my hospital tank. Probably just to do with the amount of tubing (as you can see, I don’t have much).

Its providing lots of airation and the fish don’t seem to have noticed otherwise. One annoying thing is that the fish crap tends to settle on the far side of the tank now, which means it’s harder to siphon out when I’m vaccuming. I’ll have to adjust the angles one day.

I have also been investigating whether I can get my hands on some insulation to wrap around the tank. Apparently insulating will help a great deal. If all else fails, I might just procure some bubble wrap from work and wrap my tank up. Apparently it’s a good insulator!

Otherwise, the fish seem happy and are growing:

The plants still arn’t thriving as much as I had hoped, but they do seem to be picking up a little. Probably because I’m now feeding the gold fish larger doses, and twice a day, so there is more nutrients to be had. These photos were taken 1/6/08. Of course it doesn’t help that I had to strip most of the leaves of the lettuces because I’d burnt the crap out of them with my “foliar feed spray (of death)”.

We’ll keep a close eye on how well the burnt lettuce recovers (the one in the centre of the photograph below):

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