The Good Aquaponics System – Part II

Aquaponics June 3rd, 2009

It’s been going well.

My pro system is going well. Haven’t had to deal with frost or sub zero temps yet. I’m away for 2 months starting 11th July though, so we’ll see how well it goes then =)

Fish and veg are growing as well as I could hope. I did have one minor hiccup which left 40 fish dead, I don’t even know what happened. In the morning they were fine, floating by the afternoon, a quick water change and they’re fine again the next morning…gah. These new systems are always so unforgiving. Anyway, forget that, since then it’s been going great guns, lets have a look:

The fish feed like crazy:

I’ve had some problems with clarity – it all started when I put seasol in, and then it just got darker and darker. However it’s clearing up now:

Nitrites are still about:

But the plants are going well (photos taken a week apart):

In that first photo I’ve harvested a whole bag of rocket just to thin it out a bit. As you can see, it’s bounced right back.

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