Fruits of my labour

Aquaponics September 10th, 2009

Well it’s that time again: Time for me to pose with vegetables from my Aquaponics system(s) here in Canberra.

A basket full of rocket and arugula:

Bok CHoi Ahoy!

Without the roots, 5.25kg

I ended up getting 10 mini bok choi plants off it, and a stack of massive leaves

So my aquaponics is obviously doing quite well. Fish are healthy and active:

Oh I should mention, the pH of the system was 6 or below when I got back from overseas – this was causing the plants to “lock out” trace elements. Not sure which one exactly, but I added a few kilograms of shell grit to the system which has buffered it back to 6.4 which is good for fish and plants (though I would like it a little higher).

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