Spring Aquaponics

Aquaponics September 16th, 2009

Well, it’s spring. This throws up challenges for AP’ers here in Canberra – today we have a temperature range of 1-21. That’s 20 degrees C of temperature change in the day. We’ll see how my systems handle it, the 1500L system is 12 degrees and the 3000L one is 11.5 – both perfect for trout. I’ll check again tonight. Other mainenance – potassium does not get into the system easily, and nor do trace elements. Buffering with Potassium Bicarbonate will both buffer and add potasium, but it’s damn expensive (until I find a new source). So in the mean time, I’m relying on sea weed extract.

A friend came over on the weekend and REALLY wanted a fish to try out his trout smoking skills, so I let him fish one out (lucky dip) and this was the result.

A little over 200 grams and 24cm long(ish). I know there are bigger ones in there. But there are probably smaller ones too.I’ve got another 2 months of growth before it gets too warm for them!

Here’s some pics of the grow beds. Note that I’ve got a lot of native australian flowers in there – the two of us can’t possibly eat all the produce from these systems, so I have to “bulk it out” with flowers… I need to to dose them up with Potassium quick smart so they actually flower.

Here are some bad pics of the growbeds:

Brocolini went to seed as did the pack choi. We’ve been eating silverbeet solidly but it’s still outgrowing us. I guess I’ll take a few bags of it in to work to give away.

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