Stuffed Photos

Site October 13th, 2009

I have recently moved from hosting in America to hosting here in Australia. From a ping of 240ms to 33ms – it’s now lightening quick for me. However, my gallery2 installation had comments turned on, with the default settings, which allowed anyone to post. So of course it’s filled with 1.6G of spam. Subsequently I was unable to export my gallery installation and import it here. I foolishly went into the database and cleared the comments table….which just left a whole bunch of broken foreign keys. I imported what was left and tried to run a database sanity check plugin, but it consumed too much memory and halted….. so now I’m just going to start from scratch.

Sorry for the broken photo links, I’m going to fix them up real soon.

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  1. gemmell Says:

    I have payed my dues, done my penance. I went through both the site and this one and updated each and every photo.

    The lesson for the day is DO NOT frig around with the Gallery2 database directly, and not to be an arrogant bastard and think “I’m a software engineer, if it causes a problem, it’s just a database – i can fix it”. Idjit.

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