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Aquaponics October 20th, 2009
I can’t believe I didn’t post this before now! About three weeks ago I was able to finally eat fish I grew in my own back yard. It’s taken a good 3 attempts, but I’ve finally got through to the eating end of the season. I had some friends around and we fished out 4 trout, smoked them, and ate them with crackers.

All four are rainbow trout, the one at the bottom is a male which is why it has a deeper body shape, a hooked jaw, and milt:

Spring growth has kicked in, here’s me being an idiot in between my two growbeds:

Finally, smoked for 15-20 minutes and served with crackers.

I have another 93 trout left, so I might need a hand because trout don’t like temperatures over 24 degrees C (i.e. they die). So I have to get all 93 out and a batch of Silver Perch in.

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