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Aquaponics October 28th, 2009

It’s been a damn cold spring. I’m not really complaining because it means I’m able to keep my trout growing longer – once the water gets up past 24 degrees they’ll start to struggle. In the mean time however, I am harvesting about 10 fish a week. They’re up to about 30cm now. I have recently cleared out my growbeds to make way for the spring/summer veg. I had a LOT of flowers in there, and when I cleared it out I found celery underneath! Oh and a couple of artichokes which are starting to fruit.

Me and my growbeds. You can see the artichoke leaves sticking out the side there.

This is a shot of my aquaponic flowers in the first bed, with the second bed in the background.

A sweet pea flower.

Some kind of odd cricket on my strawberry plant (EDIT: It’s a Katydid which eats soft bodied insects, so it’s beneficial. I found out through this site).

This is one of the daisy plants. They outgrew everything, including silverbeet. Yes, I’m wearing a flower. Shutup.


5 Trout = 1kg. You can also see one I’d smoked the previous day on the left there.

Me + AP trout = happy.

Unfortunatley because I cleared out some of the bed it now looks like a bomb has hit it and is no where near as impressive. It’ll be back.

I have about 75 trout left. I’m currently exploring options as to what the hell I’m going to do with them all. I’m having just about every family member or friend over for a smoked trout dinner, but I’m still not going to get through them all (plus I’m going to be damned sick of them). Someone has suggested a vacume sealer and a good freezer…  it should keep up to 6 months in that. I think ideally I would like to cold smoke them as this preserves them.

I’ve been talking to a guy at work who’s big into trout. He’s of the opinion that the flesh is pale because it hasn’t been receiving enough Calcium. I’ve read this somewhere else as well – that you’re supposed to feed them yabbies and crickets and stuff to get them to have red flesh and strong flavour. Might have to start breeding yabbies….

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