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Aquaponics November 24th, 2009

The last time I talked about the old system was back in this post way back in Feburary. At the time, I’d just managed to figure out that Nickel was leaching into my water from the bathtubs, and killing all the fish. Not one to admit defeat (apparently the Gemmell family motto is – unbelievably – “Dying but not defeated”), I fixed up the system and it’s been running amazingly well every since. Here’s what I did.

I lined the bathtubs with bubble wrap and pond liner (EPDM), which is as safe as. The bubble wrap gives it an extra layer of insulation – you can imagine a metal bathtub would act like a massive heatsink, it’s in direct contact with the water, so it was inducing big temperature swings in the water which also stresses fish. So I killed two birds with one stone when I lined these beds.

The system had been left without fish, and even without cycling water, for about a month. So I was dubious as to how quickly it would recover. I was pleasantly surprised.

Just 10 days later.

A month later and they’re still growing strong.

The watercress is damn near escaping, and that bok choi you can see next to it ends up being this monster a good 4 months down the track (I was away!)

This was with a load of 50 trout. Notice how clear the water is – this system is a bit more mature, and seems to handle solids really well. The water is always sparkling clear.

I dunno what happened (brain tumor maybe?), but I didn’t take any further photos of the fish in this tank. Sorry folks.

The growbeds currently look like this:

We’ve eaten or frozen most of our trout – there are about 20 left in the big system, though water temps have been up as high as 26 degrees, so I don’t know how much longer they’ll live (but I’m going to find out!).

And it’s just not a blog post if I’m not in it looking like an idiot (note that this bag contains the only brown trout that I had in the system).

The moral of the story (if you got this far) – LINE YOUR BATHTUBS. It serves a double purpose – stops nasties from the bathtubs getting into your water, and helps heat retention.

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