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Aquaponics March 21st, 2010

I’ve been doing AP for a couple of years now, so here’s a tip for people who are new to AP that will save you much heart ache. If your water ever gets a kind of “slick” on it that looks like this:

Then you should start to worry. This is caused by an overload of protein, which is a precursor to an overload of Ammonia, which is a precursor to lots of dead fish. So it’s a bad sign and should be heeded. Generally this is caused by overfeeding, and sure enough, on checking the bottom of the tank I noticed a buildup of uneaten food. Note that fish like trout and silver perch eat as the food falls, and once it’s touched the bottom generally goes untouched (maybe the fish have a 3 second rule?!). My problem is that my fish food is a little bit too small for them, so quite a lot makes it through the swarm and to the bottom.

Anyway, it’s easy to fix if you catch it at this stage.¬†Vacuum¬†the bottom of the tank (just siphon it out onto the beds where the worms will digest it), and turn your pump on so it’s cycling for 24 hours, this should digest the extra load and the system should return to normal. Oh, and stop feeding so much or make sure they eat it all as it falls.

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  1. Abby Says:

    Just stumbled across your blog again Gem, and it is awesome!! I love your AP blogging. So stoked to see your pics. I am in the planning stage for a veggie patch and a herb garden (ornamental/functional) for our place, and I just love your enthusiasm. You rock. Miss you heaps xo

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