I’m actually OK at Aquaponics

Aquaponics November 10th, 2012

Someone recently came across my blog and related to me that I have a compendium of what NOT to do in an Aquaponics system. Since those posts oh so long ago I’ve improved immesurably, and only kill fish through stupidity rather than lack of knowledge (e.g. turning a pumps off and forgetting to turn them back on).

Here is a short video of my aquaponics system with the last of last years trout in them.

They’re quite big fish now (they were last years runts) – previously I’ve said “Trout Season Ends in December“, but last year’s summer was so unusually cold that I got my fish through without any supplementary cooling! Wow.

And if you want to see me doing a really bad job of gutting a fish, check out this one:

It would be comical if it weren’t so cruel. From the look on my face you can tell I don’t exactly enjoy the process. Worth watching even if it’s just to see the brilliant chicken coop/gutting bench that my wife built using our old kitchen cabinets & sink.


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  1. Sheila Endres Says:

    I ran across your question in 2010 about growing blueberries in a wicking bed. Did you try it? Were you successful? I have 15 wicking beds and am considering blueberries too. The issue I fear about blueberries is not the acidity…I can use pine much and straw as part of the growing medium, but I fear that the roots would require more depth than a wicking system provides.

  2. gemmell Says:

    I ended up just planting them in the garden, but I don’t think you should be worried about root depth because blueberries have surface roots. Their roots are sent out rather than down. This leaves them susceptible to drying out though, which was why I was considering wicking beds.

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