An Unfortunate Link & Capital Aquaponics Launch

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I’ve recently told some people about my blog on Aquaponics, and that they can just search for “Aquaponics Canberra” in google and it’ll come up. Well, it does, but unfortunately it comes up with my old system, where the vegetables looked lanky at best and the fish were at their worst. I have since solved that problem, and for the last year have had great success with both the old system and pro system, but still “Aquaponics Canberra” links directly to the blog containing sick fish.

Normally I wouldn’t really care, but I’ve just launched a business: Capital Aquaponics – I figured that I’ve learnt so much over the last 3 years (and there is a LOT to know) that I am now able to design a system that effectively side steps all those pitfalls that most people fall for when they’re starting up. Not only that, but I figure I am now able to go over someone’s house and pick out the best locations for all the components such that we can utilise any sloping land, light and shade sections of the yard, thermal masses etc etc. So I’m going to provide a service to those who just want to skip the painful startup and learn by mistake methods of building systems and help them design and install a system which will maximise the chance of a succesfull crop. Oh, and because I have built systems from all sorts of materials (bathtubs and IBCs, barrels, BYAP systems), I can pretty much do it for any budget.

I’m going to be selling my knowledge rather than kits, because I think kits are going to become more and more common as this Aquaponics thing really takes off. I’m all for someone going and building their own, it’s a fantastic hobby (gardening for engineers/blokes really), but if someone just wants to produce edible fish and vegetables on their backdoor in a really cool, sustainable and ecenomic way and NOT have to learn everything about the different techniques then I can do it for them.

Anyway, we’ll see how it goes. The site is pretty rudimentry at this stage.

The End of the Shower of Innovation

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This drought is killing off innovation in Australia. A bold statement, and backed up with very little scientific evidence. But thats whats great about a blog, you don’t have to be right.

I was in the shower today and I started to drift off into a magical world of thought. I was thinking how the world could be better off if I just did…. Oops, don’t want to waste water, I better get out of the shower!

How often have you thought of the solution to a problem, had a great idea or an invented something that could potentially change the world? With reduced shower times due to our conscious effort to save water due to the drought, we’re killing off thousands of innovative solutions and ideas every morning and night. Sometimes the shower is the only place you can really relax and let your mind wander because your life is so busy.

Where will Australia innovate now?

Well there’s only one place left….. A place where you can not be disturbed. A place where you have the time to let your mind to wander. A place you can relax. A place where there is nothing to do but sit and think. A place to innovate. Where? The good ol’ dunny of course.

Waste water, go to jail

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It’s hot. Damn hot. 36 degrees, dry as buggery. We’re going into stage 3 water restrictions on the 16th Dec, which means our veggie patch will almost certainly perish. What really annoys me is that I see our neighbours watering their grass with a sprinkler system whenever they feel like it. I don’t know if they haven’t seen the ads on TV, or if they’re ignoring it and hoping nobody notices, or they’re down right stupid, but it irks me real bad. Do they think they’re above it all?

Goulbourn is in an even worse plight than us, level 5 water restrictions! That’s 150L per person per day, no outdoor use (what so ever), and certainly no use on vehicles, with fines of $220 to $2,200. My cousin was saying her friend (lovely guy apparently) washes his car in the garage so he doesn’t get caught. Maybe he just doesn’t understand the problem? It’s not about beating the system when you’re city is turning to desert.

This guy got me thinking, how long until it really is a criminal offence to waste water? How long until people are allotted 20L a day to use or trade as they please. Will there be millionaire “water moguls” who become powerful because they own water? Maybe I should invest in some really big tanks…