Death by fruit, AKA: I think I am a bit loopy for thinking about this

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If a family member was killed by a particular animal, fruit or vegetable, would the rest of the family eat the aforementioned organic matter? For instance, if a coconut fell out of a tree and knocked me on the head, killing me instantly, would my family ever eat a coconut again? Or would it be too much to bear to be confronted by the killer at the table? Or maybe they’d eat as many as they could to get back at the coconut. Well, that might work for animals and things since the animal would be slaughtered, but maybe not coconuts.

Stepping back up the thought-stack, I was in Goa, India [fade in the flash back music]…. I was chatting to some fellow travellers just outside my beach-shack after ducking inside to get some more sunscreen when THUD, we heard a coconut smack into the sand not 5 meters from where we were standing. We went over to check it out and lo and behold, it had landed on my towel. It was still stretched out on the pretty white sand where I had been lazing in the sun not 5 minutes before. We worked out it would have hit me fair in the head, probably giving me some pretty serious head injury. Would my family be embarrassed and not release the details of my death?

Anyway, thats why I was thinking about death by fruit and its enduring effect on the family.

Why is it xmas anyway?

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As a side not in an email to a group of friends I asked “Why do we call it xmas? It’s not crossmass, it’s christmass. What accent spawned the abbreivation xmas?” and I get a reply from the honorable Johnny G:

I believe the x comes from the greek ‘chi’ originally, which was used as an abbreviation for christ. More recently it is used by people such as myself to take out the ‘christ’ from christmas and reflect the fact that it’s more of a secular orgy of consumerism than a solemn observation of some dead guy’s birthday… sometimes you also see people write about ‘xians’ or ‘xtians’, which riles up religious folk somewhat… (you asked!)

Verified by the blogging Reverend Collins. Stick to the top paragraph. If you read too much, you’ll turn into a¬†xtian.