A Simple Search

Security - No Comments » - Posted on April, 23, 2007 at 8:59 pm

So I was at work about 9am the other morning and the work phone rings. I can tell from the ring tone that it’s an external call. I pick up and some guy says “Hey, my name is <something something>” (I didn’t catch his name) “I read your article about Peugeot 306 cabriolet hoses on athoughtadrift.com. What diameter are the hoses you use in that article?”

More than a little taken aback I say “it’s called speed flow, and I think there is only one size……. how the hell did you get this number?”

How to stalk Simon Gemmell?

“It was pretty easy” he says, “You mention that you work with Radars on your “about” page. You also mention the suburb where you work in one of your blog posts. A quick search for Radars in that suburb brings up your company name, I ring the front desk and ask for a Simon Gemmell and they put me through”.

Goddamn. It was THAT easy? Two little facts like that? I work with Radars and the suburb I work in? He could have emailed me, but I bet it was harder to work out what my email address was than track me down and call me!

The guy wasn’t a psycho or anything, he seemed quite reasonable and he gave me a tip for fixing the windows if they ever break, but it certainly was a shock. I suppose somebody who finds my wallet on the street will probably have more information on me, but it’s just the ease of tracking me down that scares me. I will be careful about what I post (and have in fact edited some details in previous posts).