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what use is an Australian Passport?

Government lawyer, Solicitor-General David Bennett, QC, told the court a general obligation for the Federal Government to protect citizens abroad “is simply something that the law has never recognised”. This seems a strange claim to make since we Australians have … Continue reading

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Hicks inevitable sentence and time served in Australia

I note that under questioning, Mr Rudd was asked if he would squash any conviction if Hicks was returned to Australia to serve out his sentence, his response was interesting in that it gave Mr Howard a chance to comment … Continue reading

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incentive payments for teachers or no funding?

I have 3 children, 7 grandchildren and 3 ( nearly 4 greatgrandchildren ). The children and grandchildren have all gone to public schools and obtained different levels of attainment ranging from top professionals to simple passes in HSC. I presume … Continue reading

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Training future foes!

When will politicians realise that they train forces of other countries at their peril. Back in the 30’s the British navy trained and help build the Japanese navy. The CIA trained and built up the forces of al Qaeda and … Continue reading

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Keep our country for ourselves

Whether Peter Garrett changed his mind is not the issue, the issue is why do our Australian politicians want to cede parts of our nation to foreign countries? We should adopt the US constitution requirement that bans any state or … Continue reading

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Hicks needs a fair process

How can Howard talk about Hicks having a fair process when he still is letting it be known that he considers Hicks guilty even now before he has been officially charged. For Hicks to have a fair trial it is … Continue reading

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Where is the law?

This news is frightening in that it seems to indicate that Howard and Bush have no interest in maintaining the law and just want to charge these people in Guantanamo Bay with something and have a life sentence brought down … Continue reading

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