Costello rates ecomomy before morality, good for us?

It would appear that Mr Costello is once again prepared to put the profits of industry before the interests of the good reputation of the nation; I refer to the introduction of Trade Practices Amendment (Small Business Protection) Bill 2007. 

With the application of this bill, if one objects to a company using slave labour,or any other immoral practices, to make a profit, and as a consequence of that objection the company loses money, it is possible for that company to sue you for all you’ve got and still not give up the use of the practice used to make the profit.. A truly Christian attitude towards economics and morality.
Thank goodness that we have a good Christian government, it is to be hoped that they are re-elected so that they can press ahead with their corruption of all that was so proudly proclaimed as Australian in the interest of sound economic management!

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