Greenhouse effect and transformity relationship?

I recently came across a reference to transformity, a word that was new to me and which I couldn’t locate in the Oxford Dictionary, as is my usual wont, I referred to my Grandson for an explanation. He referred me to an article by Sean Seefried.

I have read the article by Sean and found it most interesting and easy to follow, I’m not able to comment on the actual figures used but the concept isn’t surprising. However, I did find the article a little hard to relate to the immediate problem of global warming.

If one acknowledges the transformity to obtain solar cells or wind turbines, it would indicate to me that we have to gamble that the extra dirty power must be used to produce the clean power as soon as possible no matter what.¬† As the article points out, solar radiation is, to all intents and purposes, an infinite constant energy input to the earth. We can’t use it up and we can’t increase its input, nor can we stop it.

The solid, dense energy sources laid down by the suns input over millions of years, has been discovered and used in a big way since the industrial revolution, and, unfortunately, use of these fossil fuels to produce power also releases the gases removed from the atmosphere when they were laid down. The release of these gases seems to be our main problem, I’m no expert but it appears to me that we are again producing the atmosphere required by the dinosaurs some millions of years ago, not too good for modern homosapians!

If we are to reverse the production of the greenhouse gases in time to save life as we know it, I would suggest that we need to modify our use of power produced using dirty fuels. This could be done by making sure that the power was used to produce the clean power generators rather that the rubbish that we present produce. I wonder how much power is presently wasted in producing weapons to further pollute the atmosphere, how much power is used to produce all the junk mail that is put into letter boxes every day, etc, etc.

I would also think that we would have to get over this mad drive to have growth. No one seems to know why we need the growth other than to make profits for some few so called entrepreneurs, as a consequence we keep on populating and needing more energy etc but for no purpose. As a result of this feverish population expansion, we like any other animal species will eventually reach pest proportions and, like for the other animals, we will die out.

It is time that we started to use our brain power to work out just what is the future aims of humanity. This could well mean controlling the population to a sustainable quantity and then also deciding on how we can make life for all the members of the population exciting, enjoyable¬† and satisfying. Surely it must be possible to rid ourselves of doctrines inherited from thousands of years ago and start to accept responsibility for our own future. If we don’t we are doomed, I think personally that we are too late already!

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