Australian Constitution needs to be updated

Well the health update has been made a mockery off by the latest agreement between the State  Governments and the Federal Government. Any improved administration of a more effective health system has basically been thwarted. It would appear that the now proposed agreement has negated any  remaining  meaningful and progressive changes to the National Health Scheme.

We have the Western Australian Government just claiming that it wants to maintain control over its GST allocation,  even though it is made part of a pool established by Federal and all the State  Governments to be exclusively used for the health services.  It seems illogical to have an agreement where the State can put money into a pool but then be able to take it out as it deems fit, without regard to the joint requirements of the Federal and the rest of the State Governments

Similarly, the other States will have the administration of the national fund pool and this is already the cause of the existing blame game. There is no way that having the States trying to allocated the pool of health money will just continue the scrambling of each State to ensure that it gets what it considers its share without regard to the actual need of each State to supply an appropriate amount of money to suit medical needs. The allocation of the fund money will be based on the political status assumed by the State Governments and their perceived pecking order. I cannot see how the new structure will in any way stop the stupid aimless behaviour of these somewhat irrelevant State Government.

Frankly, I do not reckon that the Federal Government will be able to get this effort to improve the national health service operation past the obstructive Senate or past the almost impossible hurdles of a referendum! If it did manage to get the agreement past the existing hurdles, the agreement has been so emasculated that it is virtually ineffective in its existing form!

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