welfare for the rich

I can’t understand why the press and talk-back radio, talks about the hardship that will be incurred by the people on 150 grand that won’t get their welfare updated under the new budget. It seems obscene that these people on such big incomes get any welfare at all. I am a self funded retiree that doesn’t get half the talked about 150 grand and I am not even able to qualify for the old age pension. Being so old, I don’t really need the extra money from the pension but I would like the various benefits that go with the pension.

I understand that people on a mere 150 grand find it hard to manage with the high cost of living, this again is an enigma, the only reason that they cannot manage is because they waste their money on private school fees, too many dinners out, too many trips overseas, etc. I bet that these people are the vary people that talk about the disgusting dole bludgers and complain that they have to keep them by paying high taxes but don’t accept that they are themselves digging into the national purse and their taxes also have to pay the money that they are taking out of the system to fund church schools and the their luxurious life style.

Surely the Australian electors are not so stupid that they would change a government on such a matter when most of them are not even getting anywhere near the figure being quoted. But then one must realize that the voters turned against Labor at the last election because it was going to tax companies that are taking billions of dollars out of the country and avoiding paying their way here. Why does the Australian electorate seem so concerned about those that have so much when most of the electorate has so little?

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