State Premiers

Once again we have a petty state premier willing to damage this country because he doesn’t agree with the politics of the legally elected Federal Government. First we had Premier Joe in Queensland prepared to act against the then Government. Now we have the Western Australian Premier boasting that he will destroy the federal governments budget, as if this is a good thing for Australia.

This action by the Western Australian Premier will cost us all dearly and if Tony Abbott were to get into power at the next election, he would also have to deal with this problem caused by the WA Premier’s irresponsible betrayal of this country ( Australia ).

These premiers talk of the great service given by our military forces in the service of this country but they themselves are willing to betray this country to obtain their own political ends. If we can’t get rid of these State Premiers we should at least remove from their control any authority over the mineral deposits that happen to be in their state but are really the resources which should be shared by all Australians equally.

If the resources were controlled by the Federal Government it would tend to even out the economy throughout the country and there wouldn’t be this two speed economy which is causing such problems at the present.

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