alan jones as policy maker??

I am really petrified to think that we are likely to replace the present PM with one that gets his policies from Alan Jones.  This may seem absurd but I recently watched a demonstration against the carbon tax outside the parliament which was addressed by Alan Jones. This was in itself not surprising, since he has the uninformed view that believes that climate change is not factual and is a ploy by scientists to extract money for phony research. From the reaction of the demonstrators, they all seemed to accept this unbelievable assumption that all the scientists of repute are in fact working to fool the world goverrnments into funding their research into climate behaviour. I can understand that there will be stupid people that will accept this assumption but when I looked past Alan Jones, I observed Tony Abbott and members of the would be next government, nodding their heads and cheering on Alan Jones even when he made the statement that all the scientists of the CSIOR were government employees that had no credibility and should be sacked.

Does this observation of the happenings outside parliament mean that if Tony Abbott gets to be the next PM, he will sack all the CSIRO Scientists and rely on Alan Jones for  his scientific guidance??

I find it most disturbing that the people of this country have a really good country but they are not seemingly able to assess what is fact and what is fiction. Surely the majority of Australians don’t really believe that Alan Jones is an acceptable source of scientific advice to the CSIRO??


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  1. gemmell says:

    It won’t happen. It can’t happen. We may have some dark times, but we will come out of it.

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