Ignorance or Ineptitude

I listen to the likes of our present treasurer talk about the over spending and waste of money the previous government indulged in. I find these claims to be most dishonest and misleading. It is obvious that the present government has no idea about how to manage the economy to benefit the country as a whole, it seems to have the objective of making the rich more rich and the poor more poor.

If one imagines a residential house in a city, it is possible to proceed in two ways. It is possible to develop the house for ones own comfort or to just knock the house down and develop the site for sale. I view the present situation as one where the this government is keen on knocking down all that has been accomplished and just  making profit for the few, whereas, the previous government was interested in developing the country to make it better for us all, rich or poor.

I base this assumption on the fact that a week or so before the change of government, the rest of the worlds financial experts were lauding the accomplishments of the then government and pointing out that we had avoided a recession and were slowly coming out of the down turn in world economy without having suffered any great trauma. I am sure that the world experts as a credible body are more reliable that our present untried treasurer!

What we really had was a government in power that was doing its best to shield us from a world recession by spending prudently and borrowing wisely, in a manner which would allow us to service the dept. It seems to me that it did this very well, considering the lack of support that it had from the parliament as a whole and having to manage a minority government. Also I would point out that we don’t pay taxes to have the government save, we expect the government to budget to spend wisely and provide us with the services that we require as a civilized nation. Surpluses are just idle money doing nothing.

Unfortunately we now have a government that wants to dismantle all that the previous government has accomplished and take us back to the middle ages. We now have a reduction in spending on public schools and health etc but more spending on tax relief for the rich, benefits for the rich mothers on maternity leave etc.

There is no way that the present government could accept the previous governments agenda because this government has no real interest in the long term future of this country.  For example, when the effects of global warming really take hold in places like Old Bar, who will be able to afford the dykes around the area to keep back the flood water? We should be looking at a really long term solution to these problems not listening to the rantings of the likes of Alan Jones.

What other country in the world would commission a three star general, and give him a sizable strike force to drive back 50,000 or so unarmed women and children. In fact, what other country would be so heartless and cruel that they persecute these poor people. It could be likened to a bank robbery where you imprison all the people using the bank because it is robbed. Punish the people smugglers, if they are ripping off and endangering people lives, but to punish the victims, surely this isn’t justice? Besides which, it isn’t really an economical solution to the problem, it must be costing us billions for no return.

It has always been my opinion that the way to succeed is to borrow wisely, i.e. be able to service the debts but have the use of the goods while paying them off. This requires an income which is reliable and this government is not doing this fundamental thing. The state and federal governments are flogging off the assets to obtain a surplus of dubious benefit, and when, we eventually, need to refinance our hospitals and schools, there will be no income except to raise taxes.

It is my opinion that my late wife would be able to run rings around all these state and federal treasurers. S


he had no tertiary education. She understood what was required to keep things going and was not obsessed with a need to have a surplus which is only an indication that one isn’t spending what is required and budgeted for.

I am afraid that this government like, all right wing governments, will divide and ruin my country which is something that I find terrible. But as every one said before the election, a minority government isn’t good for the country and, despite all the claims by the Liberals, this is a minority government where the National party rules the roost.

I’m afraid that things will get worse as this pack of vandals continue to lurch from crisis to crisis without any clear policy on how to obtain a solution to the problems. I am old so I am able to sit back and say, ” I told you so “, but this is not what I would prefer to be doing.

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