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VR Goggles for Swimming

Imagine how cool it would be to have a swim spa that had jets on all sides and some VR goggles. You could endlessly explore coral reefs from the comfort of your back garden.

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Crawl Space Suit

This is a suit that has an inbuilt thermal regulator to keep the occupant cool even though they are in a 50 degree C roof cavity. Tough material so catching it on beams and nails and whatever doesn’t tear it … Continue reading

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Sentinel Social Media Protection for Children & Teens

Social media stars, especially women or those who are campaigning for change often become targets. Their feeds get filled with junk, sometimes porn, threats etc. As a discerning parent I want my child to take action, but I don’t want … Continue reading

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Desalination via alternating current

Water flows through a rectangular pipe with some electro magnets on the outside: electro magnet —————- ======>water====> —————- electro magnet If you turn on the magnets all the chlorine (and a bunch of water) would go to one side, and … Continue reading

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VR forest bathing

I had this idea quite a while ago but I guess I never wrote it up. Essentially there are a bunch of mental health benefits from just being in nature, and this treatment called “forest bathing”. With VR this should … Continue reading

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A jira extension for creating a nested ticket structure

Creating epics, tasks, and subtasks is largely manual and takes way too long. What we need is a “trello” like view with a swimlane for epic, task, subtask (etc) that you can then start to map out your tasks visually. … Continue reading

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Broom with slight V shape

Whilst using a regular cheapo broom I noticed how rubbish the shape is. Rather than focusing the dirt towards the middle anything that hits near the outer edge of the broom generally fans out from the source. A very simple … Continue reading

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Jumpy Leggings

I suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome and recently it’s gotten bad enough that I’m starting to look into remedys. So far the only that works is getting out of bed and doing chair pose against a wall or squats. Only … Continue reading

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CornFlucks: Urinal Cake Edition

CornFlucks, but for urinal cakes. Hoooo boy what a hoot at a nightclub!

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Insanely accurate OCR that corrects things

Use Tesseract to OCR, then use GPT2 and blank out every 2nd/3rd/4th word and use GPT2 to predict it. If it predicts a different word, and it could actually be that word (visually), switch to that.

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