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Replace single use plastics with skin

I am inspired by the 4Ocean campaign, but it doesn’t get to the heart of the problem: Society’s dependency on single use plastics. I can’t change society, but can I change plastic? Well we’d need to find something that’s just … Continue reading

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Can you land a drone on a cow and use two zappers or pin pricks to “drive” a cow? Makes herding obsolete.

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Recordable Cards to point out Animal Abuse

So this idea is to either take, or create, cards where someone can go out and record the sound of a dog howling when it’s master isn’t home. The idea is that RSPCA would have a whole bunch of these … Continue reading

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Portable Doggy Poo Box

When we take the dog for a walk somewhere adventurous like The Ridge, we drive to the start point. We pick up our dog poo’s in a plastic bag and that’s fine. But then when we go to drive home, … Continue reading

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