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Funky Compression Wraps & Custom Hospital Robes

With the ageing population, we’re going to see a lot of chemists selling those light brown wraps, tapes and bandages. They’re boring. And old people are old, not dead (website: ?) – so they can purchase our line of … Continue reading

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Magic dissappearing microfibre glasses case

I don’t know about you, but I lose the little microfibre sack that comes with sunglasses as soon as I take the glasses out of it. I put the case wherever, and it’s never seen again. So this idea is … Continue reading

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When your thong (foot thong!) pulls through and the rubber is somewhat worn and happens again and again. Rather than buying a new set of thongs you buy the replugger which clamps onto the bit that goes between your toes, … Continue reading

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GRIT: a distributed fashion brand

The idea behind GRIT is that to make it as an entrepreneur you have to have GRIT. How can you topple a brand like Nike and Reebok? You go distributed. So GRIT is about making a clothing brand that is … Continue reading

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flingerie – lingerie for your face

The idea here is that when something is that little bit hidden it is sexy, there is something to discover. So this is a series of fashion items which partly cover the face. Basically pieces of fabric attached to a … Continue reading

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Clothing Site with Matched Clothes

So we’ve had an idea like this before. But this is a little extension. There are billions of people on this planet, so the idea that you have a unique body shape is cods-wallop. So the idea is that you … Continue reading

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Dusting Slippers

We’ve touched on this before, but why don’t Enjo produce a line of slippers that have their mops on the bottom? Imagine putting on those things and dancing around the lounge room, getting up a bit of speed and sliding … Continue reading

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Baby Grows Too Fast Clothes Subscription

This idea is a little like our idea for having a clothing subscription for people who are too busy or lazy to go out and buy clothes, but still want some reasonably fashionable things to wear. Except this is for … Continue reading

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Thermometer built into clothes for baby

My first baby related idea. You’re baby can’t tell you it’s too cold or too hot, it just cries. You have to work it out as a process of elimination. However if the clothes they were wearing had a thermometer … Continue reading

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Wallet with legs

I was thinking how cool it would be to have a wallet that had legs that would home in on a signal from your watch. I was thinking about it in terms of being robbed (they threaten you, you throw … Continue reading

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