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A bot that convinces you of your intrinsic value/self worth

This is a bot for psychological good. It is a chat bot, and it’s whole aim is to help you see your self worth (your intrinsic value). The idea is that it doesn’t pander to you, but it holds a … Continue reading

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Leonly the bot that cares.

Specifically developed for lonely people, the elderly or people who feel vunerable, Leonly is a bot that simulates someone giving a shit. The current suite of speakerapps (Google Home, Amazon Alexa) are waiting for you to prompt it with questions. … Continue reading

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Replace single use plastics with skin

I am inspired by the 4Ocean campaign, but it doesn’t get to the heart of the problem: Society’s dependency on single use plastics. I can’t change society, but can I change plastic? Well we’d need to find something that’s just … Continue reading

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The Box Office

The Box Office is literally a cardboard box that encases your computer monitor and yourself. Lined with sound absorbent foam, it allows you to work in complete isolation. No glare, no interruptions, and no annoying others on noisy conference calls.

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A show to “graduate” a toddler from watching TV back to real life

So my 3 year old hates it when we turn the TV off. It’s like we’ve turned off the drug supply and she totally wigs out. My older daughter was the same at age 3. I would like to have … Continue reading

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Develop AI Persona for people with terminal illness

So your wife gets cancer and knows she’s going to die. You get her to interact with a computer on a webcam and capture as much as you can. You basically try and distill her “essence” so that you can … Continue reading

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Mouth organ to change taste

This is a small programmable device that you put in your mouth (fit to your teeth?) that allows you to programmatically change the flavours in food. It could be marketed to food conisours or as a gimick. Not sure if … Continue reading

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Punchiscope – periscope for smokers

Punchiscope is like periscope, but dedicated to bong smokers. Never smoke alone. It offers anonmyisation. It will also have filters so that users can put googly eyes on themselves.

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So this is a really interesting moral question. You start and you have an online store that you can browse drugs used for date rape. It lists their effects and pundits can buy them – however we only ship … Continue reading

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flingerie – lingerie for your face

The idea here is that when something is that little bit hidden it is sexy, there is something to discover. So this is a series of fashion items which partly cover the face. Basically pieces of fabric attached to a … Continue reading

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