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A bot that convinces you of your intrinsic value/self worth

This is a bot for psychological good. It is a chat bot, and it’s whole aim is to help you see your self worth (your intrinsic value). The idea is that it doesn’t pander to you, but it holds a … Continue reading

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Queer Eye for the PowerPoint Slide

Your slides are boring, or look amateurish. You need someone with an eye for this stuff. You need Queer Eye for the PowerPoint Slide. Essentially you submit your powerpoint slide to a site, and it comes back all bedazzled/professional/whatever. It’s … Continue reading

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A plugin to your email client that actively engages spammers

So the idea here is that when you “mark as spam” it doesn’t just bin it. A bot fires up, and actively manages that conversation such that you never see it, but it responds to the email, then tries to … Continue reading

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Leonly the bot that cares.

Specifically developed for lonely people, the elderly or people who feel vunerable, Leonly is a bot that simulates someone giving a shit. The current suite of speakerapps (Google Home, Amazon Alexa) are waiting for you to prompt it with questions. … Continue reading

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Email as a feed of things where you can reply.

Why isn’t there an intelligent system that can read an email and determine where a response might be needed and intersperse spots where you can reply. Turning an email into a feed. Straight to the ideas book. So it’s basically … Continue reading

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Celebrity fan email tools

This is to help celebs deal with email – essentially it looks at the days mail and pulls out and categorises all the questions by topic. This allows the celeb to reply to a set of questions that then get … Continue reading

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Email auto-reply bot.

Work from your outbox, not your inbox. So this builds on a previous idea to be able to tag and categorise email by task so that you can set work modes that you can work in. In this one, it … Continue reading

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Pocket Peer

So this is selling to teens. It’s an app with one way voice, and one way buzz. The idea is that a kid can have their friends in their back pocket, giving them signals that they can act on. So … Continue reading

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Jury Judge

Essentially the election ticker but for Jury’s – using facial recognition you have some algorithm which is able to detect the current jury verdict.

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This is to solve the problem of well funded ideas on KickStarter going bust and not refunding. Essentially each project sets how much they will take from the pledge (e.g. 10%) which will fund the development. Then they take the … Continue reading

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