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Lighter than plastic bags bags

The idea here is to make reusable bags for fruit and veg that are actually lighter than your regular fruit and veg plastic bag so that as you pay for fruit and veg by weight, eventually (over many many shops) … Continue reading

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Scrubbers Swarm

Very similar to previous idea of building systems which stop you having to pull a boat out to treat it, my scrubbers swarm are able to “walk” over the hull using suction/magnetic legs and scrub the underside of a ship.

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Bio Anti-Fouling Pool

Currently boats are pulled up out of the water, scraped clean and painted with new anti-foul. My idea is to create a pool full of algae & weed eating life, the boat drives in, stays there for a day, and … Continue reading

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High Performance Spoken Language

So English etc has a 50% redundancy built in. That is, you can cut out 50% of speech and the other person can still understand statements. What would happen if we designed a language that had 0% redundancy. This is … Continue reading

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Make me sound smarter

AI that takes whatever you’ve written and upgrades the words used to make you sound smarter. Uses a sliding scale for the intelligence level so you can bash out some essay using your dumb-ass language and it comes through and … Continue reading

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This is a cross between a dating app and uber. Essentially women sign up as drivers, single men prefer pickup2 over uber because it gives them an opportunity to meet someone. They get to where they need to go, the … Continue reading

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More Social Media Ideas

People only ever post success stories on LinkedIn it can make it feel like you’re the only one in the world not succeeding, so you post every little success you have, and thus the circle turns. I’m sure everyone on … Continue reading

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Kids TV exercise park

Kids these days. They don’t appreciate the need to work to get things. You plug a TV in and you can just turn it on. You turn the tap on, water comes out. It’s all free. Kids also love TV. … Continue reading

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Fart Silencer

Are you embarrassed by your flatulence? The fart silencer can help! There are several products in our range: Sound deadening foam you sit between your butt cheeks which stops them from flopping together (which is what is making that brrrrrt … Continue reading

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A guided VR spiritual experience.

This is inspired by an article about (terminally ill?) people getting put in an MRI machine after taking LSD (in scientific conditions/dosages) and listening to guided meditation. Essentially they a bunch of them listed this study as one of the … Continue reading

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