My Business Rules

A show that is a reverse of SharkTank. People come in with drive, but no real ideas, and the panel gives them an idea based on their likes and dislikes and personality and sends them out in the world to make it happen.

The camera follows them around for 12 weeks and has voice overs like “It’s critical that they validate their core value proposition within the first 2 weeks” and it’s called My Business Rules.

It’s a cross between Shark Tank and My Kitchen Rules and The Apprentice.

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Scrubbers Swarm

Very similar to previous idea of building systems which stop you having to pull a boat out to treat it, my scrubbers swarm are able to “walk” over the hull using suction/magnetic legs and scrub the underside of a ship.

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Bio Anti-Fouling Pool

Currently boats are pulled up out of the water, scraped clean and painted with new anti-foul. My idea is to create a pool full of algae & weed eating life, the boat drives in, stays there for a day, and drives out the other side. The fish stay in because they get a constant supply of food, the boats don’t need the expensive boat ramp to pull it out of the water to work on it, lower the cost because there isn’t the anti-foul and labour, and we increase our biodiversity and life density.

Perhaps I would teach seals (maybe otters?) to wield scrapers to knock barnacles off and eat them up. Either that or drones.

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Funky Compression Wraps & Custom Hospital Robes

With the ageing population, we’re going to see a lot of chemists selling those light brown wraps, tapes and bandages. They’re boring. And old people are old, not dead (website: ?) – so they can purchase our line of funky compression socks, wraps, bandages, and hospital robes.

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IEO + Crowdfunding

Currently crowd funding platforms offer pundits the ability to pre-purchase the product at a discounted rate, but not share in the profits of the company. So this platform would allow people to post projects up, which are essentially IEO’s managed on the blockchain. It then offers a platform to manage your thousands of shareholders, and as the token can be traded on platforms like binance, the ability to buy and sell equity in the company as if listed on a public market.

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Life in Time

This is inspired by a lunchtime chat about space, intelligence, and the concept of Gaia (mother nature as a life form). I was merely wondering if perhaps our search in space for extraterrestrial intelligence is perhaps too narrow. Perhaps we need to search the time continuum as well as space. You never know, our sun might be having coronal mass ejections at particular spots to talk to other stars in a conversation that is millennia long. Perhaps our intelligence cannot be understood by it because we flit and dart about. Like the sun is an Ent, and anything that needs to be said deserves to take a long time to say it.

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High Performance Spoken Language

So English etc has a 50% redundancy built in. That is, you can cut out 50% of speech and the other person can still understand statements. What would happen if we designed a language that had 0% redundancy. This is specifically designed for the internet era and geeks who are sitting in the same room. It has 0% redundancy, and if even a tiny portion of what you say is lost, you don’t “get it”. Would this allow you to communicate concepts and ideas much faster? In theory, less time is spent saying the words, and so yes. This is the first step towards brain 2 brain communication, because with no loss, and with no history, you can build a language for to fit this purpose correctly.

This is inspired by me watching youtube video’s on 2x to learn other programming languages. You get used to it, and all of a sudden you’re learning twice as fast, and as far as I can tell you don’t suffer any lack of understanding, because most of the time my brain is sitting there waiting for them to say or type the next thing anyway.

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Make me sound smarter

AI that takes whatever you’ve written and upgrades the words used to make you sound smarter. Uses a sliding scale for the intelligence level so you can bash out some essay using your dumb-ass language and it comes through and replaces sentences and sets of words to make you sound more intelligent.

I guess it’s a bit like Grammarly but intentionally trying to make sentences sound smarter rather than be more correct. It could possibly put whatever it generates through Grammarly to train the algorithm to not make dumb changes.

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This is a cross between a dating app and uber. Essentially women sign up as drivers, single men prefer pickup2 over uber because it gives them an opportunity to meet someone. They get to where they need to go, the woman makes some money doing it, and love can flourish if they connect.

It’s a super stupid idea. But it’s stupid like a fox. It’s the kind of thing that could totally go silicon valley, get VC funding and become a thing. I mean IRC apps like Slack are worth billions of dollars. Why wouldn’t this also be a success?

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More Social Media Ideas

People only ever post success stories on LinkedIn it can make it feel like you’re the only one in the world not succeeding, so you post every little success you have, and thus the circle turns. I’m sure everyone on there feels like they’re not-as-successful-as-the-next-guy/gal.

This combined with this horrible story that a girl posted a poll on social media whether she should do herself in and the faceless internet citizens say “yes” and she did. Fuck you internet.

So this brought me to two ideas.

Vulnerable. This is a social media site dedicated to those who are feeling vulnerable and it is ruthlessly moderated for those who harbour ill will. The idea is that people come and sign up and get some support and stick around to support others that are going through that. It’s extreme in it’s policies, not even “hey look at my before and after, I’ve lost heaps of weight” is allowed because it makes others feel so shit.

Duality. This is a take on facebook where essentially each sign up has two “selves”. You’ve got your sunny side, and your dark side. You can choose to switch modes between the two, but the two sides don’t cross. No dark material is on the sunny side, and vice versa. I don’t know. It’s a kernel of an idea. Perhaps add the Vulnerable mode into that, so that Vulnerable people can’t see the dark side or the light side.

Like specific walled gardens for specific emotional states, but with a mental health sort of focus.

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