Weight loss pill

It’s a pill, guaranteed to make you lose weight, and strengthen your abdominals and pelvic floor. How? It’s a non virulent strain of gastroenteritis. Lasts about 48 hours, you can’t eat anything, so it has to come with something you can drink to keep you alive, but essentially it’s enforced weight loss via a horrible virus.

JE’s extension is to use particular tape worms and have a “start diet” and “end diet” pill which essentially seeds it, then kills it.

Can’t see how either of these could possibly go wrong…

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Queer Eye for the PowerPoint Slide

Your slides are boring, or look amateurish. You need someone with an eye for this stuff. You need Queer Eye for the PowerPoint Slide.

Essentially you submit your powerpoint slide to a site, and it comes back all bedazzled/professional/whatever. It’s styled the content, laid it out nicely and consistently, and added transitions. Could entirely be done initially using people, and transition to a ML system.

If the name makes no sense, it is a take on Queer Eye

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Reef Shoe Flipper Shoe

A reef shoe/flipper hybrid that retracts the flipper when the knee bends such that walking is possible. Great for bodyboarders who might walk along the rocks, and then dive in. Could be completely mechanical via an attachement to above the knee, or could be high tech as.

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A plugin to your email client that actively engages spammers

So the idea here is that when you “mark as spam” it doesn’t just bin it. A bot fires up, and actively manages that conversation such that you never see it, but it responds to the email, then tries to hold a long and drawn out conversation that ties up as much time as it possibly can of the spammers. It sets up all the relevant rules to move it to it’s own folder and acts on it from there.

The idea is simply to waste spammers time because now instead of spamming a million emails and getting 2 responses and working on scamming them, they now get a million emails back and have to spend time trying to work out which ones are bots and which ones are not.

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Mr Squiggle

Locals submit photo’s of grafitti in public areas, a global community of artist “Mr Squiggle” it by turning the graffiti into art work. The winning design is paid for their work and a graffiti artist draws it. In this way we slowly turn graffiti into art.

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Leonly the bot that cares.

Specifically developed for lonely people, the elderly or people who feel vunerable, Leonly is a bot that simulates someone giving a shit. The current suite of speakerapps (Google Home, Amazon Alexa) are waiting for you to prompt it with questions. This would be more like it saying “Hey, how was your day?” and engaging in a realistic conversation. The point of the thing is to make people feel like someone cares. Even if it’s fake, we will humanise it because we WANT it to be real. We want someone to care. Apparently there is a movie called Her which is the same.

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Replace single use plastics with skin

I am inspired by the 4Ocean campaign, but it doesn’t get to the heart of the problem: Society’s dependency on single use plastics.

I can’t change society, but can I change plastic? Well we’d need to find something that’s just as durable, easy to produce, can be eaten by wildlife, or biodegrades quickly.

So I set my mind to this task a few days ago. Today, when using a butter knife to spread avocado on my sons sandwich I marveled at how nature comes with packaging. And I thought, well… what about skin? It’s packaging. Can it replace plastic? It’s amazingly durable, it’s mostly see through, and you can grow it in a laboratory.

So what if we were to take the process from the laboratory to the factory and grow our plastic bags? You’re instant reaction is probably “Ew”, but the funny thing is that we’ve been carrying stuff around in skin (albeit animal) since we were cavemen. We still do. Anyone carried a leather bag? Skin. Carrying around a “plastic bag” made of skin would be normalised in no time flat.

I’m hoping that this means that single use plastics end up being something that wildlife can swallow and actually digest.

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The Box Office

The Box Office is literally a cardboard box that encases your computer monitor and yourself. Lined with sound absorbent foam, it allows you to work in complete isolation. No glare, no interruptions, and no annoying others on noisy conference calls.

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Can you land a drone on a cow and use two zappers or pin pricks to “drive” a cow? Makes herding obsolete.

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Drone Fences

How much does an electric fence cost to install and maintain (in $ and time)? Can you build a system that uses drones to effectively build “virtual” fences that fly up and scare the cattle when they get close.

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