Can you land a drone on a cow and use two zappers or pin pricks to “drive” a cow? Makes herding obsolete.

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Drone Fences

How much does an electric fence cost to install and maintain (in $ and time)? Can you build a system that uses drones to effectively build “virtual” fences that fly up and scare the cattle when they get close.

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GRIT: a distributed fashion brand

The idea behind GRIT is that to make it as an entrepreneur you have to have GRIT. How can you topple a brand like Nike and Reebok? You go distributed. So GRIT is about making a clothing brand that is build on a franchising model such that someone in NY can apply and start selling GRIT clothing into clothing stores in NY. Someone can do the same in Sydney. They essentially become the wholesale sales/suppliers can take any profit they make. Essentially I am the distribution channel, and publish a catalogue. They can choose + order + sell. The whole idea hinges on them having “grit” to get-the-f out there and sell to shops. If they don’t make quota, you give someone else a chance.

A second level to this is that we have a site that allows budding designers to submit designs. We publish it into our catalogue, and it may find it’s way into fashion stores. This will also be a part of the GRIT branding, because it will allow those guys to work for GRIT for a while before starting their own brand.

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Email as a feed of things where you can reply.

Why isn’t there an intelligent system that can read an email and determine where a response might be needed and intersperse spots where you can reply.

Turning an email into a feed.
Straight to the ideas book.
So it’s basically a bunch of blocked chunks that it thinks you need to reply to.
Almost like chat.
Then it puts everything into an “outbox” which you can review and send.

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Fly catching quadcopter bot

Fly’s are annoying. Especially in the kitchen. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there we turned these pests into an aerial dogfight between beast and machine?! It would track the fly, and then when the fly lands it would use a “nerf gun” style dart to take it out.

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Celebrity fan email tools

This is to help celebs deal with email – essentially it looks at the days mail and pulls out and categorises all the questions by topic. This allows the celeb to reply to a set of questions that then get split up to reply to all the individuals.

Second idea is to essentially do this as a bot. Sell to PR companies as a way to cut down their costs & make more money, but also be more genuine because it’s trained using their actual replies.

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A show to “graduate” a toddler from watching TV back to real life

So my 3 year old hates it when we turn the TV off. It’s like we’ve turned off the drug supply and she totally wigs out. My older daughter was the same at age 3. I would like to have a TV show that starts off interesting, and then just somehow slowly gets boring, then just somehow becomes colors that fade into each other, “ants vs termites” like picture and then transitions to black. Essentially it’s a slow let down for them to return to reality.

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Email auto-reply bot.

Work from your outbox, not your inbox. So this builds on a previous idea to be able to tag and categorise email by task so that you can set work modes that you can work in. In this one, it extends that by having a bot which understands your conversations. When you go to your outbox, it puts the email on the left and the bot-written-draft on the right. From there you can adjust and send.

The idea is that it’s saving people time by doing some of the typing. You can still do stuff, but it might eliminate some of it. Couple it with one of the bots that can help book meetings and you’re going to be a long way towards having a personal digital PA or shadow-self.

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Pocket Peer

So this is selling to teens. It’s an app with one way voice, and one way buzz. The idea is that a kid can have their friends in their back pocket, giving them signals that they can act on. So they’re chatting to that hot guy and their friends are buzzing once for yes, and twice for no or some other code.

Pocket Peer is marketed to girls, Buzz Bro is marketed to boys.

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Magic Basket

Magic Basket is a basket you put out the front of your house. You throw your dirty washing in one side, it appears washed and folded in the other. The magic is that franchisees come and collect it and wash it and return it. It’s essentially the HelloFresh model but for washing. Subscription fee based on how big the basket is.

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