Bubblello – Trello but with Bubbles

The idea was that I needed a way to capture our “big picture” features as a bubble graph with the size being the priority. Perhaps what this tool is is a multi-dimensional trello board where the size of the bubble can be represented in different dimensions.

So imagine this: I’m using Bubblello to map out the big picture features of our product. I might have things like “MacOS version” and “Collaboration”, and on this dimension I’m modelling the demand (or importance) of the feature. So perhaps the MacOS feature is highly sought after so it’s a big bubble and the Collab not so much. And then I can “flip the cube” sort of thing so that I’m now looking at the same bubbles but from a different aspect: From this angle the size of the bubble represents the complexity (or time) of this task. So the MacOS feature might be small and the Collab big.

The idea is that you can create a bubble chart which you can look at from multiple angles. Perhaps one of the dimensions is a Trello like interface where you can categorise them into lists….

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GitHub for Science

This stems from my skin-to-replace-plastic idea. Really what I want to do is encourage those with varied backgrounds to collaborate to make something happen. This is the open source software model: People who are expert software developers spend their time developing software on the side as an open source project. GitHub is central to this (though one would argue that GitHub is a relatively recent phenomenon in open source).

The point is this: For someone who is spending some time developing software that is open and consumable by others, GitHub provides a valuable and free resource for them to do so. Science does not have the same resource. What if there was a GitHub style collaboration space for science? Would scientists contribute their expertise to little side projects with the aim to build a better world?

I don’t know what this might look like, but I imagine it might be a bunch of people contributing to scientific docs and research plans, perhaps booking out research equipment and the like.

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DCEO Chatbot – an interface for investors to query a company

The idea here is that the DCEO app is capturing sales, revenue, expenditure, any NDAs and agreements are filed etc, and a we provide a dashboard and chatbot such that an investor can ask questions of a company. “What does growth look like?” -> hockey stick graph of sales over time… “What about churn?” -> add churn to the graph…

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DCEO – an opinionated digital assistant for establishing and running your company

DCEO allows you to create a company in a chosen jurisdiction (e.g. Delaware, US), and has an opinionated Shareholders Agreement and Company Constitution. From there it allows you to take actions that are allowed via the agreements and the system manages them for you such that it complies with the agreements set out. For instance, you can do share sales digitally, where the system is sending out letters to the various parties (including preemptive rights etc), you are putting in entries for acceptance, number of shares purchased, it’s basically guiding you through the process similar to how an accountant or lawyer would.

This is probably a bit like stripe atlas, but I think stripe atlas just helps you set things up, as opposed to actually helping you do share issues and things like that.

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Gambling + Insurance = Gamified Insurance

The idea here is to connect those seeking insurance with those seeking a high risk investment opportunity. Here’s how it works. Those who want insurance sign up to the site and they put up their profile. Age, number of accidents, car etc. Then a bunch of punters come along and they stake $100k of their money, and the browse the profiles and bid to insure that person. If they look like they’re a great driver, competing bidders will drive the price low. The insured person pays their (now lowered) premium, which gets distributed to those that have taken on the risk of insuring them (after we’ve taken a cut). In this system you essentially have rich people wanting to make lots of money “gambling” on whether people are good drivers based on their profile. Perhaps we can make it more open to the people by creating syndicates. So you and a bunch of mates can get together, chuck in 10k, and insure some people. It would make roughly 12% per year, but of course you risk losing it all if the driver makes a big claim.

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When your thong (foot thong!) pulls through and the rubber is somewhat worn and happens again and again. Rather than buying a new set of thongs you buy the replugger which clamps onto the bit that goes between your toes, pushes through the gap and then uses a folding split-pin mechanism to fold out to keep it in place. If it’s small enough the whole mechanism can fit inside of the little hole that it goes through.

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Exoskeletal Training & Rehabilitation

Was thinking that if you could build a light weight exo skeleton that could “guide” movement – it’s not moving by itself, it’s more correcting alignment, or giving the user feedback to do it themselves – that you could use it for multiple purposes. For elite sports training: Want to kick a ball like Ronaldo? The exoskeleton will try to guide you by putting light pressure if you come out of the “path” that it’s set for you to kick a ball like Ronaldo. The same idea works for rehabilitation of injuries. It’s essentially a programmable movement guide.

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Air Buoy & Buoy

This is Air B&B but for births for your boat. Plenty of people own a warf. This is a facility for them to lease it out as a place to moore a boat for a short amount of time. Great for boaty getaways.

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Stable Stand – a retrofit platform on boats that keeps still on rocky seas

The idea here is simple: Drones were enabled by fast, small, efficient processing. They physics was always known, what happened is that computers became fast enough to process events and respond to them to enable a drone to alter things to keep itself more or less hovering. So can we use the same sort of technology to create a stable platform on a rocky boat? Think of a 2 people sized bucket, which sits on a single point, and then has a bunch of motors on each side of the bucket that essentially tip the bucket one way or another. Then a heap of sensors on the boat that can detect when it starts to move and tell the bucket to compensate.

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Reducing Roadkill

How much does roadkill cost society? Both in accidents, injuries, and the ecological toll? I bet nobody’s done the numbers, but it seems to me that if we can reduce road kill, then nobody is going to lose out. This is a series of ideas I had.

Idea 1: A drone that flies 50 m in front of the car, if it identifies an animal it can buzz down to try and shoe it away from the road or it can just “sound the alarm” (visually) so you know to start hitting the brakes RIGHT NOW. Problem is that no drone can go 100km/h for 3 hours, so it’s useless for a trip down the coast.

Idea 2: Drones that sit along side the road and essentially guard the perimeter of the road…

Idea 3: An attachment on every single one of those red and white reflectors on the side of the road to give it a heat sensing camera and some smarts to identify animals and a light. When one of the reflectors detects an animal it communicates to all the other reflectors around it which can also light up to alert a user that there is an obstruction/animal on the road up ahead and to start slowing down. The reflector that has detected the animal can also shine a light on it (and you’ll probably get multiple) to illuminate it so that it can be seen on dark roads well in advance.

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