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A piv­ot of the etsy-like idea would be a com­mis­sion site. Basi­cal­ly there’s some works up, and some­one com­mis­sions you to make some­thing. Could be rolled in with the etsy-like site: users can sell indi­vid­ual items or accept a commission.

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Like Etsy but for unique products

So this would be mar­ket­ed to jew­el­ers and artists and what not. Its like Etsy but when some­thing goes up: There is only one. 

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Inspi­ra­tion from Basi­cal­ly this is a card that every­one gets at an event that does­n’t want to do cash or cred­it-only. They get the card, use their phone to load some mon­ey onto it for use in a “cash­less” … Con­tin­ue read­ing

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