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Personal Limerick Book

You go to a website and you plug in a few details about your daughter, what she looks like, what her personality is like, and it builds a little limerick book with cartoon characters for you about her. You know … Continue reading

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First Responder Drones

Drones that fly out from emergency services centers to get a picture of the situation on the ground. I imagine these would fly out fast, extend legs and land and survey the situation, relaying information back to the crew on … Continue reading

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40Fit or 40Ripped

This is a online fitness program crossed with a social network. It’s a fitness program, but weekly you follow the progress of a person, and weekly you post your progress. Part of the program is semi-scripted video uploads so that … Continue reading

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Formalising the Bank of Mum ‘n’ Dad

This is an app and legal structure that formalises investments through other parties. Like p2p loans. The idea is that mum & dad give you a $200,000 loan to help pay for your first house, and how do you repay … Continue reading

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A tailor-as-a-service. You sign up and pay $30 and we send you a S/M/L/XL shirt and pants that has lines on it. You take photos of yourself in that, and our algorithms can work out what size you are. It … Continue reading

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Search All The Things

To solve the problem of “which communication channel did they send that on?” it’s a simple interface that you connect to slack & email (and going forward confluence, gdrive etc) that unearths results.

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Sucky Spoon

My 6 year old daughter’s first invention. It’s a spoon that’s also a straw. So you can eat your cereal and drink the milk with one utensil. So proud right now.

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