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A societal change in the way we transport ourselves to and from places. Rather than a huge 2 ton monster, this is the size of a motorbike, fits one person lying down, and has no windows. It’s essentially a super … Continue reading

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Polycule Manager

This is an app for large families and polycules. Essentially things must get really hard to manage when you have a polycule, so it’s like a mini social network with one click features to transfer money and schedule things.

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Krilling It

Land based krill aquaculture as a food base for a civilization that is destroying itself via over consumption. The logic is: Grow some simple, fast life cycle organisms that eat algae but contain enough nutrients to feed the biggest mammal … Continue reading

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Bottoms Up Honeycomb Blinds

If you get tilt & turn double glazing your in-frame honeycomb blinds no longer work because the head of the blinds get in the way of the tilt. So instead you have blinds which open top down, and close bottom … Continue reading

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Mindful Storytime

The idea here is to blend mindfulness with aboriginal dream time stories. The desired outcome is both a verbal record of these wonderful stories that people can pass down from one generation to the next, a means for Australians to … Continue reading

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VR Meditation Platform

After trying the new Occulus device I was impressed by just how immersive it was. Then whilst doing a guided meditation on InsightTimer I was finding it difficult to focus. Then it hit me: We should use a game dev … Continue reading

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On Site Ammonia

Generate ammonia on a farm using solar power and water. New techniques for using low power plasmas for producing Ammonia are possible. This would allow a farmer to produce Ammonia at their farm instead of shipping it in. Ammonia can … Continue reading

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Compost & Conversation

This is a service where someone goes to someone’s house to collect their household scraps every couple of days. The idea is that these people are dual purpose – they are a mental health service, they pop by and have … Continue reading

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This is a cross between a pogo-stick and electric scooters and is largely based on how kangaroo’s are an amazing creature. Each bounce can take them 9 meters. So Bounce! is a company that makes a ride on electric pogo … Continue reading

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Video Chat Catch Up for Later

Perhaps this is now possible with MS teams allowing plugins, but the idea is that when you have people who come late to a meeting, you either wait for them or you repeat yourself. With the VC4Later addition to the … Continue reading

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