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Energy Transmission

Australia is big, how do we move electricity efficiently between (nuclear) power plants and the people.  Cable loss is significant.  Small scale power plants (solar, gas, wind) are all good because they can be located close to populations.  Bigger (coal, … Continue reading

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The plan is that we will use the comments in this post to explore ideas for how to produce simple desalination.

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Cars that drive themselves

Why don’t we have cars that drive themselves yet? I’m thinking of a 4 tiered untrusted system. You don’t need to do it for every road, but the major routes would be nice – just so you can take your … Continue reading

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HeliDuster FeatherCopter

Want to get your husband or kids involved in the cleaning? Introducing the new helicopter featherduster – it’s a small RC helicopter with feather dusters on the end of the props. Hone your skills to remove that pesky cobweb in … Continue reading

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Sleep Ears

These are “socks” for your ears – i.e. they are made of some kind of breathable fabric that you can lay on without hurting your ear – but in the middle is a small speaker. They aren’t noise cancelling, but … Continue reading

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