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Can you land a drone on a cow and use two zap­pers or pin pricks to “dri­ve” a cow? Makes herd­ing obsolete.

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Drone Fences

How much does an elec­tric fence cost to install and main­tain (in $ and time)? Can you build a sys­tem that uses drones to effec­tive­ly build “vir­tu­al” fences that fly up and scare the cat­tle when they get close. 

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GRIT: a distributed fashion brand

The idea behind GRIT is that to make it as an entre­pre­neur you have to have GRIT. How can you top­ple a brand like Nike and Reebok? You go dis­trib­uted. So GRIT is about mak­ing a cloth­ing brand that is … Con­tin­ue read­ing

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