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DJ – Dance Vision

Djs as well as spinning their sick beats also choreograph dance sections for the crowd.  This is a combination of cool stick man style graphics (or better) displayed using projectors and linked to musical hooks.  This can make the DJ … Continue reading

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Mood Plotter & CBT Tool

This is a combination of talking with Petch and an old idea we had years ago. Essentially our old idea was that we have users put their mood into their phone and their location and mood is uploaded to the … Continue reading

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I came up with this idea for Petch: StumbleUponLife – a whole community of people are doing things and rating how cool it was. e.g. I had this recipie, rate 7/10 We played scrabble afterwards with my GF, 8/10 Then … Continue reading

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Wii Fit Guitar Hero Dance Dance

This is a combination of all three – basically it uses the playstaion eye or kinetic and it has “body positions” for each note. So that you have one note where you’re hands are in the air, the next note … Continue reading

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Body Beat Box

Use a camera or sensors so that you can dance to actually make money. You assign a snare to your left elbow, trumpet to your knee etc. Then you dance like crazy to see if you can make some good … Continue reading

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Ubercart ATO plugin

Extend ubercart so that it can plug into the ATO digital BAS system so that you can essentially just hit a “Do BAS” button on ubercart.

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Ideas Book

I’ve come up with several ways to turn “the ideas book” into a viable business. The basic concept is that people can put their ideas up for sale, and that businesses get on board so that they can tap into … Continue reading

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I’ve had a few pairs of jeans where the fly comes down. So I’ve used several things to keep it up but not restrict me. The best one is women’s hair ties. Essentially this loops around the button, goes through … Continue reading

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FAIL post-its

This is Luke and Nathans idea – it’s essentially as the title describes. A funny one, could make a bit of cash if you got the work flow right. Great if you got it on think-geek.

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Augmented Reality Life

AAFs extension to the pergola/aquaponics/shade sail augmented reality idea is that each couch or table or piece of furniture in a store like Harvey Norman has a token. You give out the token to people who take it home and … Continue reading

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