I came up with this idea for Petch:

StumbleUponLife – a whole community of people are doing things and rating how cool it was. e.g. I had this recipie, rate 7/10

We played scrabble afterwards with my GF, 8/10

Then people can go “what should we have for dinner?” – stumbleuponlife
What should we do now? – stumbleuponlife

It’s probably doable.
Especially if you can group by region.
So Canberrans of this age group go to Academy on a saturday night and it was awesome. Canberrans of this other age group went for a bike ride sunday morning which was 7/10

People could stumbleuponlife something, and then go, “yeh that WAS good” and up tick it or something. Gets you a moderation thing happening. So you get the things which lots of people ticked as good.

Would also be excellent to watch social trends.

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