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Bottoms Up Honeycomb Blinds

If you get tilt & turn double glazing your in-frame honeycomb blinds no longer work because the head of the blinds get in the way of the tilt. So instead you have blinds which open top down, and close bottom … Continue reading

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My Kindergarten Teacher VR

This is a VR simulation of you as a five year old. You look up and a lovely warm motherly character says “Ooh poor thing, let’s get a bandaid on that. Here, have a hug,” and is generally just a … Continue reading

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This is like a stepometer but for children, and listens to how many times they say “Mum” in a day. “Muum, muuum, where’s mum?”. They get a quote of 100 mum’s and it buzzes when they hit 50, 75, 80, … Continue reading

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This is a platform for law firms to have pre-agreed on formats and positions for contracts. So you might have an Ashurst and Allen-Overy rep hash out a baseline contract for something, including various approved plays and adjustments, so that … Continue reading

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