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So this is a premium service where a couple of guys follow you around for a few days and see exactly what you do. They have a backend dev team that works to build systems to automate parts of your … Continue reading

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Good Times 4 Bad Times Phone/Photo App

One thing about depression is that you can’t see anything good. Good Times 4 Bad Times is an application that runs on your phone (plugs in to Google photo’s?) that asks you some really specific questions about your mood and … Continue reading

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Chat Grease

The problem: Text is devoid of emotion. Emoticons do a great job of lightening things up a bit. However us geeks aren’t exactly known for being socially aware. I find that I can read text, and depending on my frame … Continue reading

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Subscription Fungi

Grown in coffee grounds, we grow the mycelium network, and a box is delivered to your house just as the first mushrooms are pushing through. You watch it grow, harvesting boutique mushrooms over the next 3 to 4 weeks, and … Continue reading

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Actually. A bot that helps you record the things you appreciate.

One of the many tools in the toolbelt of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is to train your brain by reinforcing good things. A mechanism to do this is to write down 3 things that you appreciate each day. However, I believe … Continue reading

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