Sucky Spoon

My 6 year old daughter’s first invention. It’s a spoon that’s also a straw. So you can eat your cereal and drink the milk with one utensil. So proud right now.

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Between Worlds

A VR game where you have a portal gun that opens a portal door and a portal window into another world. You have to use the window and door to solve puzzles across worlds. e.g. a beam of reflected sunlight goes through the portal into a dark room and hits a mirror ball, lighting it up so you can see the button. This enables you to get to the next world where you have to solve another problem. Awesome fun if you play in a small but free space because you can step from one world to another which is always a really cool experience.

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A VR game where everyone is a ghost and you hang out in someone’s “Haunt” which is like an apartment. People can buy things for their Haunt (NFTs) and the disconnect/movement thing is solved because people are ghosts, so it’s entirely fine to look down and not see legs, or move with the joystick and some easing functions on speed. Passing through things/clipping? No problems. You’re a ghost.

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Mindful Storytime

The idea here is to blend mindfulness with aboriginal dream time stories. The desired outcome is both a verbal record of these wonderful stories that people can pass down from one generation to the next, a means for Australians to celebrate Aboriginal culture (which we don’t do nearly as well as NZ) and perhaps most importantly, something aboriginals use to lift themselves out of the social mire they find themselves in, closing the gap by enlightening them not to the European or Australian way, but to their own minds, culture, and introspective growth by understanding your own mind and behaviours.

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Guide – the Google Assistant for children

After buying my daughter a tablet with Google Assistant and watching how poor it was at giving her answers to her questions I thought I could do better. She’s 6 years old and asks 6 year old questions. “Why are firetrucks red?” to which it responds with some obscure mention of monty python and the queen. “What is a country?” which responds with jargon from wikipedia like “distinct geopolitical boundaries” which does not contain a single word she understands. I took a video of it because it was just so useless to a 6 year old that it was funny.

My solution: Take speech to text conversations from a huge range of 6 year olds. This becomes your corpus of knowable words for 6 year olds. Next, crawl the web and build your own index where you essentially penalise pages/text/sites that use words that are outside the corpus. What you end up with is the websites that are geared towards answering questions using wording that a 6 year old can understand. NOW if you ask google assistant as a 6 year old it’ll give you an answer that a 6 year old can understand.

The one caveat to this: I had not set my child’s age, so perhaps it is just that google didn’t know she was 6, and once I set that age it’ll give wildly different answers. I sort of hope it does.

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Conversational Accounting

A chat box for Xero that lets you:

  • Create invoices for customers
  • Submit receipts and other documentation
  • List out unpaid invoices
  • Query things

But more than this, it’ll tell you things you need to know. This contract will expire in 1 week.

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Lithiated Water

So I’ve just learned about the wonderful effects of low dose lithium and read that they used to make lithiated water, and in fact 7up was lithiated. I think given the supplements industry that lithiated water needs to make a come back. Maybe you sell bottles of lithiated + omega 3 water. Maybe you sell tabs berroca style that people can put in their water.

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Pneumatic anti-roadkill device

Sits at the front of your car, detects an impact and releases a jet of air to push the animal out of the way. Either that or an external air bag that detects an impact and inflates, hopefully sparing the animal and your car. Only needs to sit on the front of the car.

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VR Meditation Platform

After trying the new Occulus device I was impressed by just how immersive it was. Then whilst doing a guided meditation on InsightTimer I was finding it difficult to focus. Then it hit me: We should use a game dev platform like Unreal engine and/or 3d videos of natural surroundings to create a platform where practitioners can create interactive meditations. It’s not just sitting there, it’s doing things. For example, touching your hand to your head, and bringing out a thought, placing it on a leaf and watching it go down stream. Or taking a negative thought out as a piece of paper and crumpling it up. These are really powerful visualisations that the immersive world of VR can make real for people. Others might be to walk up to a closed door, picture the person inside, and say sorry through it. Or a bajillion others. The combination of environment & interactivity makes it much more powerful than a simple guided meditation in VR where you sit and do nothing.

The idea is that we would develop the platform ala Insight Timer for VR and publishers get free use of our APIs and tools to create content and revenue from our paid subscribers ala other social networks. VR content is free after an add ala youtube.

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This is a consultancy for longevity. You come and see us, and we use all the cutting edge research, blood work, physical exercise, mental exercise, eating plans for you. It’s a full blown intensive 12 week program.

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