Hydroponics using just energy and (sea?) water

So you can make Ammonia (NH3) by taking water molecules, splitting it into H2 and O2 via hydrolisisers, and then using a plasma (or the Haber Bosch technique) to combine the H2 with Nitrogen from the air to produce Ammonia (NH3). Then there are bacteria which consume NH3 and produce NO2, and another bacteria which consume NO2 and produces NO3, which is Nitrate (these are the bacteria that are present in all fish tanks). Nitrate is the fertaliser that generates green leafy growth in plants, which we’ve manufactured with water + energy (basically). Could you use this as a basis of growing food from literally water and energy? Potassium & phosphorous are going to be impossible to manufacture from such simple inputs, but are arguably less important for green leafy plants. I also wonder how much K & P is in sea water & whether we can refine sea water to get all the things we need to grow a plant. I mean the proof is in the pudding really: Kelp. It should all be there if we can access and refine it using energy.

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This is like Codility or HackerRank but based on convention over configuration and some tooling around git repositories. Essentially you have a tool which can run over a github repository and create a test site. Underneath each applicant it’s sent to is just a fork of the project that is then turned into a site and answers are committed back to that fork by the site. There is then a dashboard which manages each of these, the scores, the invites etc. The point is that companies have complete control over the questions & answers.

The site that is generated can integrate code editors as needed.


  • Lower cost
  • Can run things on your infrastructure
  • Total control, can choose whatever technologies you want.

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The Reveal

A site dedicated to 30 second clips where some amazing sight is revealed. The idea is that you’ll post up a video of not just famous places but beautiful scene’s in your neighbourhood.

Eventually I would want 3d so that people can VR to have that 30s reveal of something wondrous.

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So this is sort of like a cross between an angel investor & patreon, and modelled closely on the “benefactor” model of yesteryear. Essentially you pitch yourself on this site, and people “invest” in you. The investor then owns a small, pre-agreed percentage of whatever it is that they do.

This idea is based on a friend of mine who’s company got bought out by a Baron (literally) who pays him a salary, he can do whatever he wants, but anything he does the Baron owns 50% of it.

Lots of problems & holes with it, but the main thrust of it is that there may be incredible inventors & business people out there who just don’t have the time & space to break away from the well paid desk job. Patreon is great, but if someone I’m paying goes big time, there’s no kickbacks for me.

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Dirty Lake Clean Pool

There are plenty of cities in the world with a big ol’ dirty artificial lake in them. Usually brown in colour, not great to swim in. I was thinking about how you could create a clean pool for swimming in a great big dirty lake – sort of similar to the rock pools you find on the coast.

One thing I was thinking about is the amazing terracotta water purification systems they use in 3rd world countries. It’s literally a terracotta bowl with water in it, and a tub underneath. The terracotta is porous so it lets the water through but amazingly keeps the bacteria out. Can we build one of these at scale? A massive terracotta (or some other modern equivalent) which is essentially porous, you drop one in, it fills, via water seeping in through the sides, there is a pump in the middle of it which is constantly pumping water out at the same rate that it seeps in through the sides, hence it is always clean.

Another method is to have a ziggurat of biological water filtration systems built to enclose a bay of the lake. Water gets into the bay by being pumped to the top of the ziggurat and going through levels of biological filtration, and then returns back to the main body of the lake through the sand. Over time the water on the inside of the enclosed area gets cleaner and clearer until you’ve got this little pristine bay.

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Meta Secure

One of the problems when sending MS Word documents around is that sometimes the meta data that is a part of them can leak internal details. Things like actual meta data, but also comments and revision history. Typically when sending to an external collaborator you would have a system that strips all this information. But what if you could have both?

Introducing Meta Secure. A system that encrypts the metadata within the file itself. You log into meta-secure and it decrypts any meta information attached to the file (so long as you have access to decrypt it).

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So this is a Word and Excel plugin that captures the reasons that certain changes were made. It’s essentially a bit like track changes + comments in a formalised workflow – you make a change, it asks you to comment on why you made that change, it records that and then when you dig it up in 12 months later and wonder why it varies from your standard template, well dang, there’s the reason right there.

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Phase Change For Heating Into The Night

With the ubiquitous solar on home rooftops, and the sunny days and cold sub zero winter nights, it seems to me that we want to have smart heaters that crank the heat up during the day to take advantage of the temperature & abundant power and turn it into heat in a way that will last the night. Enter my product: Phasor Towers. They are basically standalone units that sit over a floor vent and contain phase change material that changes phase at about 24. So the hot air coming out of the vents gets stored, then at night the phase change re-emits the heat and keeps the house warm without using any energy (no sun means you’re paying for it!). No idea if it’s feasible.

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Import Expert

The idea here is that there you have Word/Excel addins which allow you to connect directly to an expert to get advice there and then. Essentially one click video chat and invited into the document, billed by the minute “hey can you explain what this clause means?”. The addin is free, and you sell it to the firms that offer the “support”. I think they’d probably do it simply as lead generation for the real business, which would be bigger jobs, but because there’s likely a couple of vendors who would take it up you could either whitelabel the system so that it’s offered to their customers, or (and?) make it a marketplace where they can jump on the “call” to give advice.

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Better Video Chat Through AI Frame Prediction

This is theoretical as. But say you trained a NN to take the previous 120 frames and predict the next 120 frames of a video, and you could run it 60 times a second. You could then have a video playback that played the next frame based on the NN, but then predicted the next frame based on what came in. My theory is that it would be good enough to predict the next frames and essentially produce smooth (fake) video from a potentially choppy image. If it could run fast enough.

The cool thing about this is that you wouldn’t actually be watching a live person, you’d be watching the AI prediction of a live person, projected X frames into the future – this would effectively mean there is no lag because the AI is good enough to predict what you’re going to say/act and is always adjusting based on what you did say/do. We’re talking sub-second here, so it’s not predicting what you’re going to say, it’s predicting the changes in tone and pitch and where your face can get to in the next second. That part is totally possible. The part I think would be impossible is that you couldn’t do this fast enough and display the result. Maybe quantum computers.

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