Instead of spending bajilions creating fake meat, why not take a meat that’s considered not very paletable e.g. kangaroo, and use some food science to transform the taste to something more like beef?

This is based on a little article about how casein binds to things in fats that probably give it that gamey flavour and smell. So if this startup can use food science methods to essentially “transform” the taste you can end up with burgers that are ecologically sustainable (kangaroos are very green) but still mean based, but taste great.

It’s actually pretty crazy that we have to cull kangaroo’s so they don’t overpopulate. There’s no need to even farm them. They don’t emit methane. They’re ideal if we can make it a popular meat. But we haven’t been able to do that, so it’s time to transform kangaroo meat into something else.

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An outlook plugin to help manage emailed documents

After all these years, and all these methods of sharing documents, people still just attach a document to an email and send it. And along with that comes the very real pain of managing multiple versions. What if there was something that sat in an individuals inbox and essentially gave them a view of what’s been going on with that document? Like the “Important Document Rev 1.2 (final) (draft) (shared) 3” document you just sent has the same content as another Jill sent you last week, therefore it’s two versions of the same document. And you can display that as a timeline.

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Personal Limerick Book

You go to a website and you plug in a few details about your daughter, what she looks like, what her personality is like, and it builds a little limerick book with cartoon characters for you about her.

You know your hair is a mess,
When you finally give it a test,
You pull on one end,
And out falls a friend,
Your hair is a mess, you guess…

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First Responder Drones

Drones that fly out from emergency services centers to get a picture of the situation on the ground. I imagine these would fly out fast, extend legs and land and survey the situation, relaying information back to the crew on their way and home base. This only really works for events that happen outside, but for example car accidents, it can be used to evaluate the severity of the accident. It could potentially be useful to break up altercations too. Fly out and interfere. For fires it could fly there and see if there is smoke. That could then feed in to operators who are trying to triage emergencies so they can send resources to where they are needed most.

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40Fit or 40Ripped

This is a online fitness program crossed with a social network. It’s a fitness program, but weekly you follow the progress of a person, and weekly you post your progress. Part of the program is semi-scripted video uploads so that you can become the trending person that everybody follows. So essentially one person does the journey, who inspires a second and third, who inspire further people etc etc.

The idea is that there should be someone out there that truly inspires you. Perhaps your body type isn’t the type that gets super slim, so you follow someone who’s on a similar path as you are – you get stronger and feel better without necessarily getting slimmer.

Of course this platform would also appeal to posers who want to show how ripped they’re getting. But hey, if they’re managing to show it off and bring more people to the platform, that’s great.

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Formalising the Bank of Mum ‘n’ Dad

This is an app and legal structure that formalises investments through other parties. Like p2p loans. The idea is that mum & dad give you a $200,000 loan to help pay for your first house, and how do you repay that? What are the terms? How do you track repayments? The BoMD app lets you do just that with an opinionated, clear, legalese free agreement, and dispute management framework.

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A tailor-as-a-service. You sign up and pay $30 and we send you a S/M/L/XL shirt and pants that has lines on it. You take photos of yourself in that, and our algorithms can work out what size you are. It has to fit tight, so we recommend you get one size smaller than you usually get. Then you choose a suit style, fabric, and we get a tailor to make it for you. Can branch out into shirts and other items of clothing.

It’s for people like me that hate shopping, and just want a nice looking suit.

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Search All The Things

To solve the problem of “which communication channel did they send that on?” it’s a simple interface that you connect to slack & email (and going forward confluence, gdrive etc) that unearths results.

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Sucky Spoon

My 6 year old daughter’s first invention. It’s a spoon that’s also a straw. So you can eat your cereal and drink the milk with one utensil. So proud right now.

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Between Worlds

A VR game where you have a portal gun that opens a portal door and a portal window into another world. You have to use the window and door to solve puzzles across worlds. e.g. a beam of reflected sunlight goes through the portal into a dark room and hits a mirror ball, lighting it up so you can see the button. This enables you to get to the next world where you have to solve another problem. Awesome fun if you play in a small but free space because you can step from one world to another which is always a really cool experience.

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