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AI Toy Platform

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The science of hairloss is pretty well known. The problem is delivery of the right chemicals to the right spot.

Now imagine a thing that crawls around your head, inspects hair follicles, and injects needed chemicals directly into the location they are needed. Essentially it’s a very slow and tedious task to do it hair by hair, perfect for a robot.

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My wife complained about the repetitive nature of her work when in gov. It was hard to make progress on real tasks. Here is an opportunity for a “shadow” self to watch what she does, and take the repetitive stuff out of her daily schedule, essentially setting it to be a half an hour task that she checks through to ensure correctness

From Bill Gates:

Productivity enhancement

Although humans are still better than GPT at a lot of things, there are many jobs where these capabilities are not used much. For example, many of the tasks done by a person in sales (digital or phone), service, or document handling (like payables, accounting, or insurance claim disputes) require decision-making but not the ability to learn continuously. Corporations have training programs for these activities and in most cases, they have a lot of examples of good and bad work. Humans are trained using these data sets, and soon these data sets will also be used to train the AIs that will empower people to do this work more efficiently.

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Polycule Manager

This is an app for large families and polycules. Essentially things must get really hard to manage when you have a polycule, so it’s like a mini social network with one click features to transfer money and schedule things.

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This is the same tech as JazzItUp but instead you sell it to game companies so that people can play their favorite playlists, but it comes out in the style of the game. E.g. medieval versions of metallica. etc

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This is a AI filter that plugs into spotify and allows users to modify the sound of a song. Note that it’s not making a new song that you can post up, you are just saying “Play that song in the style of Radiohead” and the same song is different. Or “add some saxaphone to that song”.

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Chat My Site Up

This is a chat-code tool (as opposed to no code) that is essentially a split screen that builds a website on the right using chatgpt and image generation tools paired with a framework of components that it can stick in. e.g. “I want a business website. Generate a logo that’s got a man in a tie. Align that right. etc.

Even kids could build websites.

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Work Me Young Again

I read about something that slows or reverses aging: Hyperbaric chambers of pure oxygen. What if each day we worked in our office, we spent a significant amount of time in a hyperbaric chamber of pure oxygen? Grab one of those “office pods” and convert it, and all us desk workers can remain forever young!

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Forever Fidgets

I, as a parent, hate fidget toys because they’re junky and a waste of the earth’s resources. My daughter is a very sensory child and loves the feel of wool and wood. So, we make an online store called Forever Fidgets which sells ethical, sensory, environmentally friendly stress toys. Everybody knows the iconic squishmello, very popular, soft to the touch – but they don’t last. Imagine a woollen version.

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