Re-breather (Frankenstein Edition)

Thinking about breathing under water, it turns out that fish pull oxygen from the water to and put it into their swim bladder. So you could, in theory, tap into the fish biology to pull oxygen directly from the water.

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Re-breather (Electrolysis)

Thinking on why we can’t breath under water, electrolysis produces hydrogen and oxygen. Surely with enough power we could simply live under water and pull oxygen from the water using electrolysis, and then sell green hydrogen (assuming we have a power source down there that is renewable).

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Forever Shoes

The idea is that you sell a little shoe box sized factory that can _make_ shoes. It’s got the articulated arms and eyes to be able to take apart one of the forever shoes, and put it backtogether either fixed, a different size (for growing kids) or whatever. The idea is that instead of buying lots of different shoes over your lifetime, you can buy this one thing and recycle your shoes by putting it in and saying “repair these” or “grow one size” or “change colour scheme”.

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Robotic Beauty Patch

As an extension to the previous post, I wonder what it would take to remove a mole. Yes you can cut it out. But if you had something that could inject the right compound at the right time of day each day, could you actually change the skin cells? Could we make a robotic patch? It finds its way to that spot, puts its claws in, and slowly does the necessary thing until the skin has healed.

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Robo Mole Check Scritcher

The idea here is that you could have a little robot crawling around your skin getting high precision photos of your moles. Or doing anything else really. But the problem is that it would give people “the ick”. So instead, you have it go around buffing peoples skin, scratching and soothing and rubbing and also doing the heavy medical work.

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My Favorite Jeans With Pockets

This is a pretty simple site. You know the jeans you want, but they come with stupid fake pockets. You don’t know why womens clothing doesn’t come with pockets, but you wish it did. Enter this site: You order your favorite jeans in your size, but instead of being shipped direct to you, it comes from us, where we’ve made a small modification: Pockets. You pay an extra $25, but it’s totally worth it.

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The idea here is that there is someone else out there with the exact same body shape, hair and eyes as you. So this is a cross between a social media site and a shopping mall. You see people wearing particular clothes, and you know that it’ll fit you & look similar because the model/person is exactly the same size & shape as you.

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Similar to my hair bot idea, this uses a robot to do an intricate temporary tattoo by drawing it directly on a persons skin. You strap it to your arm, it draws this amazing art, you wake up in the morning with a cool tatt that you wear all day and then it washes off at night.

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This is contreversial, but this is using a persona to be the perfect supportive parent. Leverages all the latest child psychology to build confident, self aware children. We are still there for our children, but they have a lighthouse – sure it’s a piece of technology, but if it serves a purpose.

I may have posted exactly this before but under the guise of being a mum for someone who doesn’t have one, or is not accepted by their own (see lgbtq community for examples).

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No More Knock Knees

I need to sleep with a pillow between my legs because it’s uncomfortable on my knees and hips not to. But during the night I might roll over and roll back and I lose the pillow. Surely I’m not the only one in the world with this problem. Why don’t we just sew pillows in the knees of our pj’s. Hell, do the same for the shirt. If you roll onto your side, there’s a pillow in your shoulder, but on your back: no pillow (better posture). Essentially we are taking some of the bed, and putting it into the clothes. Maybe take it all the way and you can just lie down anywhere and go to sleep because it’s essentially a mobile bed.

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