Video Chat Catch Up for Later

Perhaps this is now possible with MS teams allowing plugins, but the idea is that when you have people who come late to a meeting, you either wait for them or you repeat yourself. With the VC4Later addition to the VC platform the late participant can hear everything that’s happened up until this point on 2x speed. So if they are 5 minutes late, they enter the conversation at 10 minutes having heard everything to this point.

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Y’all Come Back Now Ya Hear

This is a product where companies can embed URLs into documents to get repeat customers. Not just “see more at” but “Got questions about this document? Here’s a link. Got a modification you want to make? Here’s a link.” And it takes you to a form, links the details up to the companies internal case/product/customer management software and voila, fully qualified work that is perfectly contextualised & linked to the work that was sent that just appears at your door because you made it really easy for that to happen.

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AI assistant that can do case research / discovery like an assistant would. Point is that you don’t have to specify the search terms, it uses terms in the case file, snippets of text that have been highlighted and a knowledge of what it means to build a case to go and do the things it needs to do.

Or perhaps it’s a chat bot where you can be like: Go find all the cases related to XYZ and it intelligently does so. TBH I know nothing about ediscovery. But having an “intern” like AI that can dig stuff up for you sounds handy.

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App Ideas for Microsoft Teams

Meetings can now have third party apps. Ideas:

  • A big clock to record how long the meeting has been going on for
  • Little mini start/stop clocks under it to keep people from talking for too long.
  • AI that can detect when someone starts talking and make sure they’re not taking too much of the floor
  • AI that can show a bar graph of each voice print to show how much people are talking/contributing.
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Weekly – a daily tracking app from a sheet

So you’re doing some self improvement and want to take a measure of some aspect of your life daily. Now imagine that you could fire up a Google Sheet, whack in some columns, download an app, point it at that Sheet and essentially turn it into a phone app that can help you to fill it in daily. It turns the sheet into a daily questionnaire, it has a daily reminder, and allows you to view the values over time. You still own all the data. It’s just the middle man and an opinionated system for how to interpret the sheet.

Why would anyone buy it? Well it turns the laborious work of filling something out into something a little more streamlined. No clicking in cells in Word on your phone to edit them…

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CarBed – Killer of Cities

Imagine you go to bed at night with your wife as per normal, but during the night your robotic bed wakes up, ferry’s you to the car and loads you in (think like a coffin into a hearse). The car then drives the 2+ hours to your place of work. You wake up, roll out of bed, brush your teeth, go to the toilet, get dressed, and walk out the door and into your work. Like a little self contained room on wheels and a robotic bed. Of course by the time you finish work, the car has transformed itself slightly so that you can sit on the bed (like a futon) and watch TV on the trip home.

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Hydroponics using just energy and (sea?) water

So you can make Ammonia (NH3) by taking water molecules, splitting it into H2 and O2 via hydrolisisers, and then using a plasma (or the Haber Bosch technique) to combine the H2 with Nitrogen from the air to produce Ammonia (NH3). Then there are bacteria which consume NH3 and produce NO2, and another bacteria which consume NO2 and produces NO3, which is Nitrate (these are the bacteria that are present in all fish tanks). Nitrate is the fertaliser that generates green leafy growth in plants, which we’ve manufactured with water + energy (basically). Could you use this as a basis of growing food from literally water and energy? Potassium & phosphorous are going to be impossible to manufacture from such simple inputs, but are arguably less important for green leafy plants. I also wonder how much K & P is in sea water & whether we can refine sea water to get all the things we need to grow a plant. I mean the proof is in the pudding really: Kelp. It should all be there if we can access and refine it using energy.

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This is like Codility or HackerRank but based on convention over configuration and some tooling around git repositories. Essentially you have a tool which can run over a github repository and create a test site. Underneath each applicant it’s sent to is just a fork of the project that is then turned into a site and answers are committed back to that fork by the site. There is then a dashboard which manages each of these, the scores, the invites etc. The point is that companies have complete control over the questions & answers.

The site that is generated can integrate code editors as needed.


  • Lower cost
  • Can run things on your infrastructure
  • Total control, can choose whatever technologies you want.

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The Reveal

A site dedicated to 30 second clips where some amazing sight is revealed. The idea is that you’ll post up a video of not just famous places but beautiful scene’s in your neighbourhood.

Eventually I would want 3d so that people can VR to have that 30s reveal of something wondrous.

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So this is sort of like a cross between an angel investor & patreon, and modelled closely on the “benefactor” model of yesteryear. Essentially you pitch yourself on this site, and people “invest” in you. The investor then owns a small, pre-agreed percentage of whatever it is that they do.

This idea is based on a friend of mine who’s company got bought out by a Baron (literally) who pays him a salary, he can do whatever he wants, but anything he does the Baron owns 50% of it.

Lots of problems & holes with it, but the main thrust of it is that there may be incredible inventors & business people out there who just don’t have the time & space to break away from the well paid desk job. Patreon is great, but if someone I’m paying goes big time, there’s no kickbacks for me.

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