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To solve the prob­lem of “which com­mu­ni­ca­tion chan­nel did they send that on?” it’s a sim­ple inter­face that you con­nect to slack & email (and going for­ward con­flu­ence, gdrive etc) that unearths results. 

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Sucky Spoon

My 6 year old daugh­ter’s first inven­tion. It’s a spoon that’s also a straw. So you can eat your cere­al and drink the milk with one uten­sil. So proud right now. 

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Between Worlds

A VR game where you have a por­tal gun that opens a por­tal door and a por­tal win­dow into anoth­er world. You have to use the win­dow and door to solve puz­zles across worlds. e.g. a beam of reflect­ed sun­light goes through the por­tal into a dark room and hits a mir­ror ball, light­ing it up so you can see the but­ton. This enables you to get to the next world where you have to solve anoth­er prob­lem. Awe­some fun if you play in a small but free space because you can step from one world to anoth­er which is always a real­ly cool experience.

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A VR game where every­one is a ghost and you hang out in some­one’s “Haunt” which is like an apart­ment. Peo­ple can buy things for their Haunt (NFTs) and the disconnect/movement thing is solved because peo­ple are ghosts, so it’s entire­ly fine to look down and not see legs, or move with the joy­stick and some eas­ing func­tions on speed. Pass­ing through things/clipping? No prob­lems. You’re a ghost.

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Mindful Storytime

The idea here is to blend mind­ful­ness with abo­rig­i­nal dream time sto­ries. The desired out­come is both a ver­bal record of these won­der­ful sto­ries that peo­ple can pass down from one gen­er­a­tion to the next, a means for Aus­tralians to cel­e­brate Abo­rig­i­nal cul­ture (which we don’t do near­ly as well as NZ) and per­haps most impor­tant­ly, some­thing abo­rig­i­nals use to lift them­selves out of the social mire they find them­selves in, clos­ing the gap by enlight­en­ing them not to the Euro­pean or Aus­tralian way, but to their own minds, cul­ture, and intro­spec­tive growth by under­stand­ing your own mind and behaviours.

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Guide — the Google Assistant for children

After buy­ing my daugh­ter a tablet with Google Assis­tant and watch­ing how poor it was at giv­ing her answers to her ques­tions I thought I could do bet­ter. She’s 6 years old and asks 6 year old ques­tions. “Why are firetrucks red?” to which it responds with some obscure men­tion of mon­ty python and the queen. “What is a coun­try?” which responds with jar­gon from wikipedia like “dis­tinct geopo­lit­i­cal bound­aries” which does not con­tain a sin­gle word she under­stands. I took a video of it because it was just so use­less to a 6 year old that it was funny.

My solu­tion: Take speech to text con­ver­sa­tions from a huge range of 6 year olds. This becomes your cor­pus of know­able words for 6 year olds. Next, crawl the web and build your own index where you essen­tial­ly penalise pages/text/sites that use words that are out­side the cor­pus. What you end up with is the web­sites that are geared towards answer­ing ques­tions using word­ing that a 6 year old can under­stand. NOW if you ask google assis­tant as a 6 year old it’ll give you an answer that a 6 year old can understand.

The one caveat to this: I had not set my child’s age, so per­haps it is just that google did­n’t know she was 6, and once I set that age it’ll give wild­ly dif­fer­ent answers. I sort of hope it does. 

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Conversational Accounting

A chat box for Xero that lets you:

  • Cre­ate invoic­es for customers
  • Sub­mit receipts and oth­er documentation
  • List out unpaid invoices
  • Query things

But more than this, it’ll tell you things you need to know. This con­tract will expire in 1 week.

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Lithiated Water

So I’ve just learned about the won­der­ful effects of low dose lithi­um and read that they used to make lithi­at­ed water, and in fact 7up was lithi­at­ed. I think giv­en the sup­ple­ments indus­try that lithi­at­ed water needs to make a come back. Maybe you sell bot­tles of lithi­at­ed + omega 3 water. Maybe you sell tabs berro­ca style that peo­ple can put in their water.

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Pneumatic anti-roadkill device

Sits at the front of your car, detects an impact and releas­es a jet of air to push the ani­mal out of the way. Either that or an exter­nal air bag that detects an impact and inflates, hope­ful­ly spar­ing the ani­mal and your car. Only needs to sit on the front of the car.

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VR Meditation Platform

After try­ing the new Occu­lus device I was impressed by just how immer­sive it was. Then whilst doing a guid­ed med­i­ta­tion on Insight­Timer I was find­ing it dif­fi­cult to focus. Then it hit me: We should use a game dev plat­form like Unre­al engine and/or 3d videos of nat­ur­al sur­round­ings to cre­ate a plat­form where prac­ti­tion­ers can cre­ate inter­ac­tive med­i­ta­tions. It’s not just sit­ting there, it’s doing things. For exam­ple, touch­ing your hand to your head, and bring­ing out a thought, plac­ing it on a leaf and watch­ing it go down stream. Or tak­ing a neg­a­tive thought out as a piece of paper and crum­pling it up. These are real­ly pow­er­ful visu­al­i­sa­tions that the immer­sive world of VR can make real for peo­ple. Oth­ers might be to walk up to a closed door, pic­ture the per­son inside, and say sor­ry through it. Or a bajil­lion oth­ers. The com­bi­na­tion of envi­ron­ment & inter­ac­tiv­i­ty makes it much more pow­er­ful than a sim­ple guid­ed med­i­ta­tion in VR where you sit and do nothing.

The idea is that we would devel­op the plat­form ala Insight Timer for VR and pub­lish­ers get free use of our APIs and tools to cre­ate con­tent and rev­enue from our paid sub­scribers ala oth­er social net­works. VR con­tent is free after an add ala youtube.

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