An outlook plugin to help manage emailed documents

After all these years, and all these meth­ods of shar­ing doc­u­ments, peo­ple still just attach a doc­u­ment to an email and send it. And along with that comes the very real pain of man­ag­ing mul­ti­ple ver­sions. What if there was some­thing that sat in an indi­vid­u­als inbox and essen­tial­ly gave them a view of what’s been going on with that doc­u­ment? Like the “Impor­tant Doc­u­ment Rev 1.2 (final) (draft) (shared) 3” doc­u­ment you just sent has the same con­tent as anoth­er Jill sent you last week, there­fore it’s two ver­sions of the same doc­u­ment. And you can dis­play that as a timeline. 

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Personal Limerick Book

You go to a web­site and you plug in a few details about your daugh­ter, what she looks like, what her per­son­al­i­ty is like, and it builds a lit­tle lim­er­ick book with car­toon char­ac­ters for you about her.

You know your hair is a mess,
When you final­ly give it a test,
You pull on one end,
And out falls a friend,
Your hair is a mess, you guess…

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First Responder Drones

Drones that fly out from emer­gency ser­vices cen­ters to get a pic­ture of the sit­u­a­tion on the ground. I imag­ine these would fly out fast, extend legs and land and sur­vey the sit­u­a­tion, relay­ing infor­ma­tion back to the crew on their way and home base. This only real­ly works for events that hap­pen out­side, but for exam­ple car acci­dents, it can be used to eval­u­ate the sever­i­ty of the acci­dent. It could poten­tial­ly be use­ful to break up alter­ca­tions too. Fly out and inter­fere. For fires it could fly there and see if there is smoke. That could then feed in to oper­a­tors who are try­ing to triage emer­gen­cies so they can send resources to where they are need­ed most. 

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40Fit or 40Ripped

This is a online fit­ness pro­gram crossed with a social net­work. It’s a fit­ness pro­gram, but week­ly you fol­low the progress of a per­son, and week­ly you post your progress. Part of the pro­gram is semi-script­ed video uploads so that you can become the trend­ing per­son that every­body fol­lows. So essen­tial­ly one per­son does the jour­ney, who inspires a sec­ond and third, who inspire fur­ther peo­ple etc etc.

The idea is that there should be some­one out there that tru­ly inspires you. Per­haps your body type isn’t the type that gets super slim, so you fol­low some­one who’s on a sim­i­lar path as you are — you get stronger and feel bet­ter with­out nec­es­sar­i­ly get­ting slimmer. 

Of course this plat­form would also appeal to posers who want to show how ripped they’re get­ting. But hey, if they’re man­ag­ing to show it off and bring more peo­ple to the plat­form, that’s great. 

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Formalising the Bank of Mum ‘n’ Dad

This is an app and legal struc­ture that for­malis­es invest­ments through oth­er par­ties. Like p2p loans. The idea is that mum & dad give you a $200,000 loan to help pay for your first house, and how do you repay that? What are the terms? How do you track repay­ments? The BoMD app lets you do just that with an opin­ion­at­ed, clear, legalese free agree­ment, and dis­pute man­age­ment framework.

Man­ag­ing Gen­er­a­tional Wealth Transfer

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A tai­lor-as-a-ser­vice. You sign up and pay $30 and we send you a S/M/L/XL shirt and pants that has lines on it. You take pho­tos of your­self in that, and our algo­rithms can work out what size you are. It has to fit tight, so we rec­om­mend you get one size small­er than you usu­al­ly get. Then you choose a suit style, fab­ric, and we get a tai­lor to make it for you. Can branch out into shirts and oth­er items of clothing. 

It’s for peo­ple like me that hate shop­ping, and just want a nice look­ing suit.

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Search All The Things

To solve the prob­lem of “which com­mu­ni­ca­tion chan­nel did they send that on?” it’s a sim­ple inter­face that you con­nect to slack & email (and going for­ward con­flu­ence, gdrive etc) that unearths results. 

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Sucky Spoon

My 6 year old daugh­ter’s first inven­tion. It’s a spoon that’s also a straw. So you can eat your cere­al and drink the milk with one uten­sil. So proud right now. 

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Between Worlds

A VR game where you have a por­tal gun that opens a por­tal door and a por­tal win­dow into anoth­er world. You have to use the win­dow and door to solve puz­zles across worlds. e.g. a beam of reflect­ed sun­light goes through the por­tal into a dark room and hits a mir­ror ball, light­ing it up so you can see the but­ton. This enables you to get to the next world where you have to solve anoth­er prob­lem. Awe­some fun if you play in a small but free space because you can step from one world to anoth­er which is always a real­ly cool experience.

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A VR game where every­one is a ghost and you hang out in some­one’s “Haunt” which is like an apart­ment. Peo­ple can buy things for their Haunt (NFTs) and the disconnect/movement thing is solved because peo­ple are ghosts, so it’s entire­ly fine to look down and not see legs, or move with the joy­stick and some eas­ing func­tions on speed. Pass­ing through things/clipping? No prob­lems. You’re a ghost.

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