Imagine a VR experience where you walk out on stage to adoring fans. A full 3d video of someone big name lead singer walking out and hearing those cheers, for YOU. They’re cheering for you!

LiveInIt is a set of “experiences” that have been captured by some people who are lucky enough to experience some of these amazing things. LiveInIt allows you to don a VR headset and experience it 1.5st hand.

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Excel Lambda Library

Now that Excel has introduced lambdas, which means you can build fully fledged systems by defining your own functions, there is the opportunity for sharing and collaboration on them via an Excel plugin that enables you to search for, import, and submit lambdas.

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Repeat After Me Robots

A system where you wear some gloves and headgear and you do an operation a bunch of times and the system records it. A robot that can repeat the action (with some AI to make it not do dumb things).

For instance, you spread some fabric on a table and take a blade and cut out a pattern. You do it 50 times wearing this system. This trains the system to be able to do all those things. You press a button and come back later to your 300 fabric cut outs…

Might be firmly embedded in the realm of sci-fi…

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On Site Ammonia

Generate ammonia on a farm using solar power and water. New techniques for using low power plasmas for producing Ammonia are possible. This would allow a farmer to produce Ammonia at their farm instead of shipping it in. Ammonia can potentially be turned into Hydrogen to run their farm equipment (in some far off future) and potentially power the home too.

Totally not my idea, read about the possibility of it. Just writing it down because I can perhaps do it.

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Compost & Conversation

This is a service where someone goes to someone’s house to collect their household scraps every couple of days. The idea is that these people are dual purpose – they are a mental health service, they pop by and have a conversation and ask how they are and all that, but the participant doesn’t feel like they’re paying for company. But it’s a big part of it. And of course the other part is the compost – the participants are giving their scraps to someone who can turn them into great soil – the scraps are not ending up as methane produced from a landfill.

This would have to be almost exclusively funded through metal health and environmental grants.

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Simon’s Spit

Based on this thing I read about people being able to better digest carbohydrates because they have special enzymes in their spit that pre-digest it, I introduce Simons Spit. I believe I have such an enzyme because I’ve never had any problems eating whatever carbs I want, and therefore people may be willing to pay for a vial of this enzyme that they put on their carb heavy food as a pre-digestive that helps them to process the carbs.

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The Word plugin that imports a native English speaker to help you author your document. Grammar and spell checkers can only get you so far. If English is your second language, you can get someone to read over it and ensure your document flows and uses clear language to express what you want it to express. They can use comments to ask what you’re trying to express, or perhaps a seperate chat window.

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A gmail plugin that “normalises” email threads to a iphone style chat like interface to make it easy to read a conversation that’s taken place over email. Importantly it’s doing things like removing the junk in the emails, greetings, signatures, “replying to” email body.

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Shanty is a an app that allows you to record yourself singing a shanty, and then a second tool to “compose” yourself and as many others as you like. The idea is that you sing a shanty and then use the same shanty sung by others to create a full blown track. Any ad revenue is shared out to the original content posters.

This is inspired by a particulary good youtube mixup of a sea shanty. I may have reinvented TikTok, I dunno, I’ve never used it.

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Reeport helps teachers write reports. You upload previous reports you’ve written and it analyses the text and creates a “sentiment cloud” – common descriptive words you might use for students. Writing a new report is as simple as clicking the key words that best describe a student’s work and attitude – Reeport will use the latest and greatest in AI to generate a report in your style, and all you have to do is do a proof read.

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