Retractable Flyscreen Curtain

When you have tilt & turn double glazing you can get retractable flyscreens. Is it really too much to put a tiny plastic structure on top of these with a second layer of fabric to create a curtain? I imagine that the structure essentially “folds down” so that it flattens away, and pops back up when it’s pulled out to create that air gap. It’s just an alternative to roller blinds or on window honeycombs.

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Hair Bot

Colouring hair is an imprecise process. But it would be possible for a bot to individually colour each strand if it wanted to. It’s all about miniaturisation and control. Imagine the insane hair styles you could create if each strand of hair could be coloured differently, or even coloured differently at different lengths.

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Someone told me they had a dream that they were wagging their tail and in real life, they managed to pull their coxic out of line. They had to see a specialist to get it back in, and apparently, your tail paraphernalia is all there and doesn’t really fuse until your 20s. This means kids could learn to control those muscles attached to the coxic, and drive mechanical tails. All five-year-olds would get their first tail in the school yard, and by 7 they’d be fully integrated into their daily life. 100% of people would buy a fully controllable tail. It’d be a fasion accessory, it’d be useful.

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A generalised AI that is built to help gov employees be more effective. You ask governelli in plain english to setup a work flow, book meetings, and do “no code” style tasks but with a plain english interface. Ridiculously had, started with the name, which I like.

Govern. Effective. Governellie.

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Users/auth as a service. It’s a very simple API for developers to add it ala all the existing ones, but this one has a catchy marketing angle. With a lisp: What do you want to do? You want to auth ’em, why use this platform? Because it’s authem.

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Connected (The Social Network)

Connected is a social network with no ads, no data harvesting, and clean feeds of you and your friends. How does it work? You pay $5 a month, which allows you to invite as many of your friends as you desire to join the network. You’re essentially hosting them. If they want to invite their friends, they can pay $5 and invite their friends and you get the friends of friends thing happening, but it’s essentially a pre-paid facebook without all the evil. No public rubbish, just sharing stuff with friends.

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Totally Not Me

This is an app/filter that helps people who want to setup an OnlyFans site but where they are subtly altered to hide their real identity. It could be used by anyone who wants to setup a consistent image online, but without revealing themselves. Any photos, videos, are passed through it and it makes them different. Deep Fake yourself on purpose as a service.

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Match Outside Light

This is a module that measures the colour and intensity of light hitting the roof and controls the colour and intensity of the lights in a room. I came up with a really great brand name and almost instantly forgot it. The idea would be to sell this as an addon to existing smart homes/lighting systems as a pluggable module.

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This blends the crazily popular “oodies” fad with saturday morning woes: I stand on the sidelines and watch my kids sport, but my shoes get wet in the dewey grass. Wouldn’t it be great if I had some waterproof but amazingly warm boots with garish and out there colours & patterns so I could show my support in “style”.

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Wifi Based Kids Radios

My daughter’s best friend has covid, but they’re able to chat to each other over regular RF walkie talkies. Given they’re both at home, it feels to me like you could sell little units that are connected to the wifi and are keyed to a “server” – it’s essentially just a discord audio channel (or its own). So the kids can talk to each other without requiring a computer or a phone but you get much better fidelity and two way chat (pressing the button is annoying). You could also offer a headphone jack so they could plug in a headset for gaming mode.

If the kids had their own phones they could use discord, but this would reach kids who aren’t allowed their own phone.

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