House Auction Software

In this age of covid, auction software that has little to no infrastructure could be a boon. There’s certainly a bunch of vendors there already, but I wonder if they’ve done it decentralised/with a scalable backend. For decentralised you could perhaps think of the blockchain, with Ethereum recording all the actions that occurred. For scalable you use the WebRTC and in-memory signalling and storing, eventual consistency/persistence.

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Whole Health Centers

I believe that the medical profession is losing trust at an alarming rate. I don’t like that people are turning to stupid things like homeopathy, but by the same token a natropath will sit down with you for an hour and try and work through what’s going on, try different things which may not have statistically significant impacts in the medical sense but may still have effects on particular individuals.

What I’m proposing are “general health centers” where a GP, a psychologist, a physio and a natropath all work together to solve a particular persons woes. Importantly the doctor is not booking in 15 minute sessions and rushing through to get to a diagnosis. These aren’t shams, they are real doctors, physios etc, the difference is the amount of time and style of treatment. Yes the GPs are paid less, but they also can actually care for people.

I think a service like this would attract people if it were no more pricey than seeing a doctor, especially if they have a hard to pin down ailment.

Home of the hard to diagnose.

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This is an app that is a bit of a reboot of google hangouts: Web browser based hangout session but with one key difference – apps. Inside the hangout you can have a spotify app, which appears as a fully functional app as one of the participants of the hangout. So you’re all listening/singing along with friends, anyone can change the music. Turn based games or watching a youtube video with someone works equally well.

Then there’s hisolate meta. So this is sort of like a party: At a party there’s lots of little splinter groups that are having different conversations. So you go into #lobby and then you can see people in various rooms and go find your friends and hang out. Anyone can breeze in and out so long as they are invited to the party.

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Clothes Chair

You know how everyone has a chair in their room that has the not-quite-dirty clothes, or clothes for tomorrow laid out on it? Well the clothes chair formalises that and adds some nifty features to boot! Yes, it’s a chair you sit on, but it’s constructed of stiff wires sort of like a towel rack, and you can hang your clothes and even your shoes on. Not only that, but you can also pop the seat up, and underneath is a clothes basket.

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Slap! The dance sensation.

Tap Dancing, but in flip-flops (thongs, jandles), for men. You get the tap from the toe and heel and the slap from the thong. It’s awesome. Competes with dance/exercise classes.

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Coronavirus alert app

Essentially this is an app that logs geospatial + timestamp all the time. Then on the app you can report that you’ve got a confirmed case, and it’ll flag all your locations for the last week, and correlate that with all the locations/times of other people on the system and send them an alert that they were within the potential infection zone.

Though my understanding of this stuff is pretty rough, I’m pretty sure virus’ are like proteins and can sit on a door handle forever (they don’t “live”).

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Thinking on hail damage, I thought it’d be great to have a robot that would lay out protective covers on cars when you lock the car. However generalising a bit, a drone/bot that did a number of functions for your car would be a boon: if you have spent $100,000 on a car, spending $10,000 on a robot that has a little hatch in the boot that can do security, clean off bird crap, roll out hail protection etc is a decent investment.

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VR software that helps inmates that are coming towards the end of their term in prison experience every day life via VR. Paying with credit cards, ordering ubers, etc. This helps them to enter society, and not commit crimes to get back into the prison system because it’s a society they understand.

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There are organisations who provide a service based on data feeds. And sometimes, these data feeds change or go down without any warning. AdaptI is a multi purpose data platform that uses AI to “learn” the data format and seamlessly alert & adapt sudden changes in format or values, and in the event of a complete loss, to use historical data to “dead reckon” what the stream may have generated so that you can stay up in those “blips”.

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VR Goggles for Swimming

Imagine how cool it would be to have a swim spa that had jets on all sides and some VR goggles. You could endlessly explore coral reefs from the comfort of your back garden.

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