The idea here is that there is someone else out there with the exact same body shape, hair and eyes as you. So this is a cross between a social media site and a shopping mall. You see people wearing particular clothes, and you know that it’ll fit you & look similar because the model/person is exactly the same size & shape as you.

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Similar to my hair bot idea, this uses a robot to do an intricate temporary tattoo by drawing it directly on a persons skin. You strap it to your arm, it draws this amazing art, you wake up in the morning with a cool tatt that you wear all day and then it washes off at night.

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This is contreversial, but this is using a persona to be the perfect supportive parent. Leverages all the latest child psychology to build confident, self aware children. We are still there for our children, but they have a lighthouse – sure it’s a piece of technology, but if it serves a purpose.

I may have posted exactly this before but under the guise of being a mum for someone who doesn’t have one, or is not accepted by their own (see lgbtq community for examples).

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No More Knock Knees

I need to sleep with a pillow between my legs because it’s uncomfortable on my knees and hips not to. But during the night I might roll over and roll back and I lose the pillow. Surely I’m not the only one in the world with this problem. Why don’t we just sew pillows in the knees of our pj’s. Hell, do the same for the shirt. If you roll onto your side, there’s a pillow in your shoulder, but on your back: no pillow (better posture). Essentially we are taking some of the bed, and putting it into the clothes. Maybe take it all the way and you can just lie down anywhere and go to sleep because it’s essentially a mobile bed.

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Pimp My Cone

Dogs wear the cone of shame. But it doesn’t need to be shame. Pimped with leopard skin fur and with dangly toys, it becomes a thing of joy, not shame. The Cone Of Joy.

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AI Toy Platform

Not sure where the text of this one went. But I think this was a set of AI capabilities (vtt, llm, ttv) that you sell as a package for toy manufacturers. Perhaps it comes with its own mobile network connection so that they don’t have to worry about wifi connections etc.

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The science of hairloss is pretty well known. The problem is delivery of the right chemicals to the right spot.

Now imagine a thing that crawls around your head, inspects hair follicles, and injects needed chemicals directly into the location they are needed. Essentially it’s a very slow and tedious task to do it hair by hair, perfect for a robot.

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My wife complained about the repetitive nature of her work when in gov. It was hard to make progress on real tasks. Here is an opportunity for a “shadow” self to watch what she does, and take the repetitive stuff out of her daily schedule, essentially setting it to be a half an hour task that she checks through to ensure correctness

From Bill Gates:

Productivity enhancement

Although humans are still better than GPT at a lot of things, there are many jobs where these capabilities are not used much. For example, many of the tasks done by a person in sales (digital or phone), service, or document handling (like payables, accounting, or insurance claim disputes) require decision-making but not the ability to learn continuously. Corporations have training programs for these activities and in most cases, they have a lot of examples of good and bad work. Humans are trained using these data sets, and soon these data sets will also be used to train the AIs that will empower people to do this work more efficiently.

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Polycule Manager

This is an app for large families and polycules. Essentially things must get really hard to manage when you have a polycule, so it’s like a mini social network with one click features to transfer money and schedule things.

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This is the same tech as JazzItUp but instead you sell it to game companies so that people can play their favorite playlists, but it comes out in the style of the game. E.g. medieval versions of metallica. etc

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