This blends the crazily popular “oodies” fad with saturday morning woes: I stand on the sidelines and watch my kids sport, but my shoes get wet in the dewey grass. Wouldn’t it be great if I had some waterproof but amazingly warm boots with garish and out there colours & patterns so I could show my support in “style”.

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Wifi Based Kids Radios

My daughter’s best friend has covid, but they’re able to chat to each other over regular RF walkie talkies. Given they’re both at home, it feels to me like you could sell little units that are connected to the wifi and are keyed to a “server” – it’s essentially just a discord audio channel (or its own). So the kids can talk to each other without requiring a computer or a phone but you get much better fidelity and two way chat (pressing the button is annoying). You could also offer a headphone jack so they could plug in a headset for gaming mode.

If the kids had their own phones they could use discord, but this would reach kids who aren’t allowed their own phone.

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There’s crypto, there’s DeFi, the next big thing is PeFi. This is where there’s a crypto marketplace where individuals can post that they’re going to do something and then deliver on it. Trust is a big thing, so initially, they can only take up to $5k, but if they deliver people can invest more. It’s still horribly corruptable and will result in a slew of scammers. But it’s an idea so here it is.

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Plain English Document Automation

Document Automation is a great idea, but you can spend a million dollars automating a complex document (the cost is the highly knowledgable document automation experts). What if you could just explain it to a ML that understood.

“Include this paragraph if section 21.2(a) is included”

“Use this block if the user is a ‘Person'”

It would be “chatty”, and would reply with what it’s doing. It might be difficult to maintain though since you can’t “see” what it’s doing. Maybe that’s OK? Maybe you can ask it to tell you what relationships a particular paragraph or section has.

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Mushroom Beans

I’ve been looking into the wonders of mushrooms, in particular lions mane, and I think I have a way to turn it into something consumable that the hipsters will love. Coffee beans. The idea is that you dry it in small chunks the size of a coffee bean. When you grind the beans it grinds the mushroom pellets too, and you get your little kick of caffeine with all the health benefits.

Sure, stirring in a teaspoon of powder is going to get you a better result, but the hipsters…

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Taste The Music

I saw a mentally handicapped person with one earbud in his ear, and one earbud in his mouth, and I believe he was enjoying the stimulation of the sound on his tongue. It got me wondering if deaf people could be trained to hear with their tongue.

I also then got to wondering whether it could be a fad. It’s a speaker for your tongue and all the kids get one, and then people write music that tickles your tastebuds.

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This is an idea that I had a while ago but I think it could be rebranded. Here’s the original idea:

Now picture it’s a VR app called “Moments” and it’s where we capture a bunch of amazing scenes like the curtains opening and you’re on stage in front of 100,000 adoring fans screaming. And then you play the first riff and they go crazy.

The point is that there are these moments, that if captured would be an amazing experience to have. And cheap, ubiquitous VR could make those moments available to everyone. You would be curating these experiences and people would subscribe to the platform.

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Practice Makes…

The anxiety of giving a presentation is goddamn crippling. Making a 30s pitch infront of 100 people is scary as. How can you get over it?

VR Practice. In this app, there’s a series of rooms you have to stand in and give your presentation. You can generate crowds of thousands, hundreds, tens. The idea is that you get a feel for doing the presentation and not being so intimidated by it all.

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Phil is an AI addin for Word that helps you fill in Word templates. Essentially it detects parts of the template that need to be filled, allows you to fill them in, keep your own notes and things like that. The “AI” component is perhaps a stretch.

This is more based on the name than actual demand.

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Plant Diversity Pill

I read an interesting blog about someone who reduced his glycan age by eating a more diverse range of fruits and vegetables. His theory is that your body sees more stuff and it depresses the immune system somewhat so that inflammation is just overall less. Essentially the body has been programmed to accept more. I think that’s what it was anyway.

Anyway, it got me thinking: I wonder if you can distil a pill that just has the most diverse set of ingredients ever. It’s basically a tiny bit of everything. Sure, it’s definitely better to eat a diverse range of fresh local fruit and vegetables, but it got me thinking about making $$$ because humans are lazy.

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