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Mushroom Beans

I’ve been looking into the wonders of mushrooms, in particular lions mane, and I think I have a way to turn it into something consumable that the hipsters will love. Coffee beans. The idea is that you dry it in … Continue reading

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Plant Diversity Pill

I read an interesting blog about someone who reduced his glycan age by eating a more diverse range of fruits and vegetables. His theory is that your body sees more stuff and it depresses the immune system somewhat so that … Continue reading

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Krilling It

Land based krill aquaculture as a food base for a civilization that is destroying itself via over consumption. The logic is: Grow some simple, fast life cycle organisms that eat algae but contain enough nutrients to feed the biggest mammal … Continue reading

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Instead of spending bajilions creating fake meat, why not take a meat that’s considered not very paletable e.g. kangaroo, and use some food science to transform the taste to something more like beef? This is based on a little article … Continue reading

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Conscientious Consumer

A community driven site where people do research on products so that conscientious shoppers can choose products. For instance, if I plug in that my main choice factor is environmental impact (plastic) and avoidance of palm oil and that I’m … Continue reading

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Subscription Fungi

Grown in coffee grounds, we grow the mycelium network, and a box is delivered to your house just as the first mushrooms are pushing through. You watch it grow, harvesting boutique mushrooms over the next 3 to 4 weeks, and … Continue reading

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Build Your Own Chill Sauce

Similar to the shoe shops doing the same, this is a website that would allow you to mix & match all the various chillis, vinegars, sweeteners etc to create your own perfect chilli sauce. Chilli sauce is a funny thing, … Continue reading

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Similar to some of the other food sharing ideas. This one is more like dating than Uber. You want to trust the people cooking your food, so they need to hold a food safety certificate, and there is an interview … Continue reading

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poppy-flavoured yoghurt

LW’s idea. It’s called opi-yum.

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Ween (yourself off sugar)

So this is either: A) A line of yoghurt which has multiple levels of sugar in it, the idea being that you can switch between them to try and ween yourself off sugar. B) A food additive that blocks sweetness. … Continue reading

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