Similar to some of the other food sharing ideas. This one is more like dating than Uber. You want to trust the people cooking your food, so they need to hold a food safety certificate, and there is an interview process. A single chef can feed max 25 people a night. The idea is that we’re linking people who want to eat good home cooked meals but don’t have the time, with people who have the time and skill and need a little cash on the side. So chef at home:
A) Chefs advertise their availability, cooking style, sample meals, reviews
B) Patrons get in contact and do a Skype session to see if it’s all going to work out.
C) Enter a contract to pay $X a week for food which they have to pick up.

The idea is that you are getting people in contact and so long as the food is good they stay in contact for a long time. And of course we take a cut.

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