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Social network cult

Use inter­net social net­work­ing to cre­ate a cult where peo­ple pay us for sal­va­tion, but we don’t even need to see them.

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Hum Star

A small appli­ca­tion for as many plat­forms as pos­si­ble (iphone, win, xbox, lin­ux, android, nokia etc) which can save a very sim­pli­fied record­ing of some­one hum­ming to one of their cd/mp3s.  Once they have fin­ished they are shown a worm … Con­tin­ue read­ing

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Dynamic Soccer Training Tool

This idea takes those buzzers that you get at bars to a new level/application. The ones that they give you when you order your food, and then they vibrate and flash and make noise when the food is ready to … Con­tin­ue read­ing

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Champagne Walls

Make walls using liq­uids.  May cut noise / add nice water nois­es.  Would be cool. Door could open and close by block­ing flow.

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Here is where we’re going to pub­lish all our mil­lion dol­lar ideas.

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