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Match Outside Light

This is a module that measures the colour and intensity of light hitting the roof and controls the colour and intensity of the lights in a room. I came up with a really great brand name and almost instantly forgot … Continue reading

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This blends the crazily popular “oodies” fad with saturday morning woes: I stand on the sidelines and watch my kids sport, but my shoes get wet in the dewey grass. Wouldn’t it be great if I had some waterproof but … Continue reading

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Wifi Based Kids Radios

My daughter’s best friend has covid, but they’re able to chat to each other over regular RF walkie talkies. Given they’re both at home, it feels to me like you could sell little units that are connected to the wifi … Continue reading

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There’s crypto, there’s DeFi, the next big thing is PeFi. This is where there’s a crypto marketplace where individuals can post that they’re going to do something and then deliver on it. Trust is a big thing, so initially, they … Continue reading

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Plain English Document Automation

Document Automation is a great idea, but you can spend a million dollars automating a complex document (the cost is the highly knowledgable document automation experts). What if you could just explain it to a ML that understood. “Include this … Continue reading

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Mushroom Beans

I’ve been looking into the wonders of mushrooms, in particular lions mane, and I think I have a way to turn it into something consumable that the hipsters will love. Coffee beans. The idea is that you dry it in … Continue reading

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Taste The Music

I saw a mentally handicapped person with one earbud in his ear, and one earbud in his mouth, and I believe he was enjoying the stimulation of the sound on his tongue. It got me wondering if deaf people could … Continue reading

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This is an idea that I had a while ago but I think it could be rebranded. Here’s the original idea: Now picture it’s a VR app called “Moments” and it’s where we capture a bunch of amazing scenes like … Continue reading

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Practice Makes…

The anxiety of giving a presentation is goddamn crippling. Making a 30s pitch infront of 100 people is scary as. How can you get over it? VR Practice. In this app, there’s a series of rooms you have to stand … Continue reading

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Phil is an AI addin for Word that helps you fill in Word templates. Essentially it detects parts of the template that need to be filled, allows you to fill them in, keep your own notes and things like that. … Continue reading

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