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A jira extension for creating a nested ticket structure

Creating epics, tasks, and subtasks is largely manual and takes way too long. What we need is a “trello” like view with a swimlane for epic, task, subtask (etc) that you can then start to map out your tasks visually. … Continue reading

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Phased Array Safety Sound Emitter

Trams are damn near silent. Electric cars more and more. If you’re walking over a track with your headphones in, there’s no chance of hearing it. Unless it’s equipped with a phased array sound system that is! A regular speaker … Continue reading

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Broom with slight V shape

Whilst using a regular cheapo broom I noticed how rubbish the shape is. Rather than focusing the dirt towards the middle anything that hits near the outer edge of the broom generally fans out from the source. A very simple … Continue reading

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Jumpy Leggings

I suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome and recently it’s gotten bad enough that I’m starting to look into remedys. So far the only that works is getting out of bed and doing chair pose against a wall or squats. Only … Continue reading

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CornFlucks: Urinal Cake Edition

CornFlucks, but for urinal cakes. Hoooo boy what a hoot at a nightclub!

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